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Occult Research
Tuesday, 9 October 2007
Qlippoth Tunnels Researched from Grant
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Topic: Kabbalistic Information

The Qlippoth Tunnels Of Set


11-Amprodias- Holds the secret of the Qlippoth realm and its inherent magic, power of manifestation, amplification, immortality, power of chaos, the spheres of chaos used, divination to see outcomes, to manipulate thoughts, memories and the mind, power of suggestion, power over the mind and consciousness, remote viewing, to see anything in existence, to transport energies from one place to another, to distort perception and reality, symbolic messages are found here, chaos like energy where things can be manifested and summoned from it for magick, all knowledge can be contacted, all the information in existence connected to the akashic of Qlippoth realm, to see anything, power to reverse, the changing of energy to another form, to bring imbalance, trickster like beings known as faeries plays with others minds, and create strange phenomenon, vampirism as a technique used on others to suck energy or knowledge, to change events or anything with a bubble with energy/sigils and sent to the outcome to let burst and effect what’s desired, the use of astral bubbles to the need, wind magick, to make things expand like events, to others exaggerate and obsess


12-Baratchial- To learn to control energies and enchant them on intent, to create illusions and conceal something, he teaches the magick of Qlippoth energies, sorceries and anything dealing with magick of this realm, the knowledge of Qlippoth and its essence, a teacher, acquaints with the forces of this realm, learn and acquire telepathy, to awaken and control and charge atavistic energies and concept to gain powers of the Qlippoth forces or energy, the power of glamour


13-Gargophias- To store energy or release energy, to gestate a goal or event, psychic abilities develop, divination by dreams, prophecy, channel energy for knowledge and learning the future or past even present, to connect with dark energies and learn to contain and release them, keeps your working hidden, deep secrets, invisibility and illusion, glamour, astral Qlippoth travel, to awaken or shut out energies, to communicate with the Qlippoth various denizens of spirits here, to summon beings that do your will as a concept or spells and Qlippoths that haven’t been manifest yet from this realm, like sucking these issues from the chaos sphere of chaos magick, to awaken potential in your abilities and issues to manifest, awaken what’s latent, to mirror issues to something else, to induce sleep in any form, to shape-shift and transform energies, to cast enchantments, sexual magick, casting of lust energies to others, to attract the opposite sex, to hunt energies to consume, to cast aside guilt, magical cycles, the moon cycles, use these time cycles for the right time to do magick, time magick


14-Dagdagdiel- To gestate issues and energy for its arrival, to conceive, something and create, to create servitors and shadow beings of this Qlippoth realm, make something return to its original state, make something end, to make something end, sexual auras, love magick, love potion energies, sexual magnetism, energy of desire, to bring enlightenment, to be awakened, inspiration, connecting to other dimensions, traveling to other realms, power of synchronicity and connections to other things, the Qlippoth web of life, the alien consciousness, virus magick that makes energies perpetuate, links between things, coincidences, pure energy in Qlippoth form


15-Temethterith- The magick of Qlippoth stars, planets, especially of Sirius, and the magick of Dagon, the eye set and his magick paradigm, traveling to other realms in space, energies of Qlippoth stellar and planetary bodies, the magick of Set and Lucifer, to be initiated into it, space and time travel


16-Uriens- Energy that sustains, what’s created from dissolution and death, to have strength, or give it, to bear life, to keep alive and in existence, the power of Manna, to support and perpetuate your magick, all this energy is from Uriens, drain its energy and use it, to freeze energy, to stop a force, to turn this to stone, to take life or energy away


17-Zamradiel- To send spells through Ravens as a form of a messenger of will, to haunt others, pure sexual energy, to emit a force or send into the world, the power of bilocation, to transform the self into other forms to change reality and send this same energy at the same time somewhere else, to duplicate energy, spells to cast weird energies, strange phenomenon caused by the energy between two force of pure Qlippothic forces of androgynous energy, to manifest energies in a place other then your location to appear elsewhere, to send as a decoy, the power of untied female/male energy sex energy used to create huge storms of magick of your intent, energy that travels to this tunnel from elsewhere to harness, transient forces in place, the power of fascination and hypnosis, vampirism and the draining of energy here vitalizes, gives the power to combine energies of different intents to create a new form to do your will, to unite different beings and servitors for magick, to birth a new concept, to unleash ancient forces and atavisms, to make something appear


18-Characith- Power to gain ecstasy, energies here are addictive once fed upon, this is the tunnel of pure vampirism, to direct a force, power of obsession, mainly sexual obsession, bewitchment and enchantment, to enchant objects with intent to effect the energy or image of what’s desired


19-Temphioth- Lustfulness and desire energies to evoke and use it sexually, to unite two forces of energy male/female, dominance and controlling energies, energies that change and transmutes, using orgasm energies, seething magicks, to hypnotize with sexual power and energy, power of attraction, to attract what one desires, sex magick


20-Yamatu- Building energy and power, sexual reserves, or magical reserves, containment, immortality astrally, to protect something from changing, or moving forward, to keep safe, to preserve powers and magick energies, to keep pure, power of invisibility, to stop or make motionless


21-Kurgasiax- to release its energy in a working specifically to create change or emit a force, to send an incubus to create and send nightmares and bad dreams, to suck the sexual force from someone, to ascend energies of will charged to release


22-Lafcursiax- power of the unseen energies, its laws and records, how this realm works, get acquainted with this type of magick, reveals how to do sex magick, teaches how to create portals using their energy to do it, power of the invisible unseen sun, to use unbalanced energy used for a purpose, make something age and wane, to adjust a force to go a different way, alterations in magick, to cause confusion, sends chaos energies, to upset the stable, energies to reveal the truth, to bring justice to something, energies that creates bridges and pathways to the unseen, to make connections, to form links or sever it, energy of telepathic links


23-Malkunofat- Energies of poltergeist activities, dissolution of actions, dark matter and its hidden energies, the unknown, to keep something silent, multiplying something and creating abundance in any form, power of scrying, make things come to an end, to consume spells cast, to destroy others magick, rain energies to overwhelm and flood


24-Niantiel- To restrain and restrict, to prevent from happening, to control the perception of time slow or fast, use to purify or decompose, bring an end and make disappear, to slowly corrupt, to raise the dead, power of necromancy, working with the dead, learning powers of shadows and unseen energies, lycanthropy, the energies of when someone dies, to create astral magical children from your astral self, this energy makes you conceive these Qlippoth astrally, to gain Qlippoth familiars


25-Saksaksalim-  To reverse, to transform, to recreate or regenerate what once was, binding energy, the energy of transmutations, to transmit energy elsewhere, to make forceful and gives quick energy to send, make things speed up, or slow down, to bring to life energies of Qlippoth that lay asleep like spells or concepts and such


26-A’ano’nin- Power and energies that manifest, draws energy and power from the abyss, reflects what exists, connection and energy flow from Qlippoth to earth to manifest something, to see anything desired, to consume something, the evil eye or cursed energy sent, to have Qlippoth sight, to see through facades, to see the unseen, rules night magick and shadows, to use energy of Qlippoth into the earth to generate a force from this tunnels energy, to reject and not allow entrance, to bring to completion, deceives and finds lies


27-Parfaxitas- To shape shift into Qlippoth forms to awaken within ancient energies and forces to use for your will of self exaltation or magical ends, to recreate and awaken ancient concepts beings forces and energies, tunnel of lycanthropy in that the shift into wolves to gain their powers, do this with anything to gain powers, vampire like feeding, projection of energies into the world, to learn magick ideas through this tunnel and its energies, power to encircle energy, to make aware, to cross the gulfs of illusion, to gain protection, weird energies and events caused by using this tunnels energy, cast illusions, make others see what you want them to see, power to bring vengeance, revenge, cast wrath and conflict with this energy, to purge old energies or negativity, to inflame an issue


28-Tzuflifu- Energy of divination, an oracle, ask anything, to contain energy, to make others wake up from illusion, revenge, reverse a force, reversion of anything, the energy embodied here is from the abyss contained to use the force of the abyss to meet your need, to release chaos forces to strike an issue quickly, energy of antimatter, DNA and its alteration is an energy here, to change something’s very being, DNA magick, to strike something down


29-Qulielfi- Power of transformation, to cast illusions, changes and rigidity, reflects energies charged on aura’s or in general reflections, energy between sleeping and waking, sigil magick and their various forms, talismans, to evolve and grow, there are various pathways in the tunnel, the power to hop in the tunnels and spheres without a specific order, to distort reality, to acquire attainment in something using this tunnels energy, to see things as if looking through a mirror, seeing through reality, gain powers of the Qlippoth


30-Raflifu- To find the cause, to know connections between energies, to identify and know, to realize, to unite a force or energy to make 2 into 1, to illuminate and recognize, to reveal and see the truth, to drain or suck to nothingness, the very essence of Qlippoth, haunts with the unknown, to acquire illumination, increase energies that build till the form you seek


31-Shalicu- To discover the energy and magick that makes Qlippoth what it is, energy of fire, ruler or head of the Qlippoth realm lies here, dispenses secrets of the Qlippoth, reveals its energies and power used in magick, to extend energy of your need into the world, brings judgment, to resurrect anything, transformation and invisibility, to make things disappear, to make something leave, to alter and reverse


32-Thantifaxath- The energies between the universes can enter and exit to earth Qlippoth energies, to restrict and entrap a force, the undead and their energies used, the power of shadow magick, the powerful force of Qlippoth energy to return something to its source, to collect souls and energies channeled into vessel of astral or material impart, to keep energy imprisoned for use until needed, to dissolve something to chaos



Researched from the following book,

NightSide of Eden by, Kenneth Grant,

and interpreted by Christine Giacchino

Posted by lam777 at 8:34 PM EDT
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