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Occult Research
Monday, 23 July 2007
32 Path Ritual Initiation
Mood:  hungry
Topic: Ceremonial Magick

32 Path Ritual Initiation



Needed:  Athame, Atu of the Universe Card


#1:  Cast circle, invoke angelic guardians in the quarters,


#2:  Perform kabalistic cross


#3:  Go to the east with your athame, invoke then the earth pentagram with the symbol of the Tau letter in Hebrew in its center, in the color indigo, create a black line connecting from the east, while invoking the pentagrams with athame in each quarter, the line should create a circle, vibrating with the color black, and protecting the circle, call the god name of Yahveh Elohim, then Tzaphqiel,  when the angel appears, create again invoking pentagram of the earth with tau letter inside into angel Tzaphqiel, say


#4:  By the power of malkuth,

Yesode to path 32,

I invoke thus in initiation,

For my path of the great work,
Ararita, gods and all,


I awaken my journey,

YHVH, elohim,


Powers of Horus,

93 current invoke,


#5:  take universe card, and chant:


Alpha, omega,

The first and the last,

Enter I must,

Enter I may,

In here I say!


#6:  Visualize your astral double, entering the Universe card


#7:  Search for Tzaphqiel, for he will be there, when he is there, give the sign of the enterer, then he shall give the silence sign.  Tell him your ready for the initiation here inside this path.   The rest of it shall unfold, if he asks for the password say: Yahveh Elohim, then the angels name Tzaphqiel.  You should notice a black and indigo color that confirms your whereabouts.


#8:  Once the path working is finished return to normal consciousness, say:  As above so below, the rite thus ends,


#9:  At each quarter do banishing symbols of the pentagram of earth, while slicing down the circle that’s black around the physical circle.  Then release Tzaphqiel, release the archangels of the quarters, and close the circle, it is finished.


Serpenta Azothi


Posted by lam777 at 3:54 PM EDT
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