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Occult Research
Monday, 23 July 2007
The Fraternity of The Builders Article
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Topic: Masonic

The Builders


Christine Giacchino


There are five races, four preceding the current race of man.  The first race was ethereal, the second spoke with a chant like voice.  The third race was the first race to evolve from a sexless race of divine humans from its inception, to the close of the third race the distinction of sex was manifested.  These divine humans created the forth-coming fourth and final fifth race.  This third root race, were cyclopean giants that are known as the Nephilim. They were the builders of the great Typhon and her son Sut, the seven stars of the Great Bear, later in solar reckoning they were typified by the seven planets. 


These giants were of Lemurian lineage, and when the great upheaval that beset the Lemurian continent, it was destroyed by fire.  Which is an allegory that represented the wrath of the Sun god Ptah.  Many died in this destruction, those that survived copulated with the fourth race called the Atlanteans, created new giants, of pronounced beauty, smaller and more cultured.   These giants were called the builders of the Suns of Light.  The Original giants, the Cyclopean had one eye that is referred to as the third eye.  But by the time the atlantians were created the third eye, which was once visible turned inward, and we know it now as the pineal gland.  The one eye is interestingly called by masons the all-seeing-eye. 


The Freemasons real builders are the Cyclops or otherwise known as the Greek Titans, who built this earth and the celestial universe.  Then which followed the fifth race as we all know it, up to this point.


It is said that Atlantis had four rivers, four kings that created the four elements.

The book of Genesis claims that god created male and female, and their name was Adam take Ad, the prefix, which represents a nation that had 4 rivers that are in opposite directions, North, South, West, East, that created the four cardinal directions of the world; as well as the symbolism of the cross; that was surrounded by a ring, which in the past was the symbol of Atlantis.  The symbol of earth is its shape, and the planetary ruler is Venus.  Also it looks like the ankh. 


It is mentioned that the Egyptian pyramids was the tomb of Seth, whom created the pillars of the world, the North and the South Pole.  Also they represent the solstices.  These pillars were brought to Siriad, and the numerical scheme of the pillars, are reminiscent of the Suns orbit at its center.  This explains the reasoning of the pyramid being the tomb of Seth.  These pillars represent the magical or celestial tradition of the universal law.  Seth is a generic name along with Set, Taht, and Hermes, that represent the Atlantian initiates which were called The Sons of The Son of The Dragon.


Mentioning the pillars, they represent the Sun, and the Moon, male, female.

When the Egyptian Pharaohs needed greater strength and vigilance, they wore the tail of the lioness, uniting the female current with the male, Sun/Moon.  It is practiced modernly with the priest’s long garments and the professors of old.  The real meaning isn’t normally recognized.


The place of Amenta is the gateway of resurrection; there are twelve gates, each representing a zodiac sign, the first gate is for the pure soul, and is hard to enter, the last is the easiest since it is the doorway to the earth of eternity.  These gates or doorways are opened by Ptah, and his builders.  Amenta is said to be the meeting place of the Sun and the Moon, which in their union creates the ever coming Sun, or the new born Sun otherwise known as Horus. There are ten great mysteries of Amenta, celebrated on ten different nights.  The connection with the ten sephiroths are seen here, and the tenth malkuth, is earth. 


It is known that the Great Pyramid was a Masonic temple, its entrance to its inter-most shrine, was situated north to South, which showed its age.  North represents the moon and sun represents the South.  Being built near the centermost point of the world, it represents the point within the circle.  Meaning Ptah the Sun for the circle, and Maya, the moon, representing the point.  Also it means the earth and its manifestation.  There are three chambers in the pyramid, one above the king represents the sun, the one below the king represents the Queen, or the moon, and the lower one beneath the Queen represents the heart, or earth.  These are the three triadic forms of spirit.


The pyramid is called the secret house; it is called by the Egyptians, “The light.”  The master of the secret scroll, or secret wisdom, was in the secret chambers also bearing the name, “The light.” In order to follow this light you must understand the mechanics of the lights in consort with the earth; the Sun, and Moon.


The left foot represents the destruction of the Giant Serpent which that, “hides in the dark and comes forth to war with the light.” 


A candidate of masonry had to endure twelve trials, known as twelve tortures, symbolic of the zodiac.  In which he had to ascend a ladder, known as Jacobs’s ladder, up seven steps, represented by the seven planets.  Or known as the steps of the Pleiades.  These are known as the seven steps of initiation.


It is said that when at the judgment of the soul in Amenta there are 45 assessors present at the weighing of the soul, to the eternal earth, which took place before Osiris.  The three of the 45, which brings them down to the 42 assessors, are the triad of Osiris, Isis, Horus, being as follow according to the tarot, 12 zodiac cards, 7 planetary cards, 3 elemental cards, these all represent divine judgment of your spiritual karma and all that you can control therein.  The rest, the earthly karma endured that you can control, is represented by assessors of the following cards:  16 court cards, 4 elemental cards, and 36 minor Arcana cards.  So the lesser Arcana cards represent earth.  While the rest represents the gods.  Now another method to look at these assessors of 42, make the back of the brain, the Moon, and the front, The Sun.  Adding forty two equals six which also equals the hexagram, the symbol of Ptah, and six is similar to the six days of creation, which form a Seventh.  These forty two faculties combined into one or forty three make seven. 


The seventh is represented by the Sun.  According to the forty three as seven, (simply add them) the seven planetary cards, come to manifest.  And because of this it makes forty nine, simply multiply 7 times 7, the forty nine then equals 13, which equals 4, representing the four elements.  Then the elements or aces of the minor Arcana come to assess according to the four.


There was a battle between darkness and light, which were between Sut (Saturn) Horus (The Sun), which Shu (mars) tried to reconcile.  These gods were also named the gods of the pillars in Amenta, just like Seth was.  But Shu created a triad, the first one recognized.  This triad became a triangle, and the meaning of this triangle is represented by Shu standing on the pyramid of seven steps with the apex of the triangle resting upon them; meaning he lifted up the earth in the form of a triangle.  This was called a ladder, or the staircase of Shu. 


In the ritual of the Egyptians two sets of names were given to the seven steps of the primordial powers, or planets.  The first set, of Horus, the Sun, and the other represented by the Moon.  It’s been said when the triangle apex is downward it means darkness, or the Moon.


The god Shu created a new foundation of two more equinoxes, the East, and West.  The east is represented by the Sun day, the West night and the Moon.  The east also represents Venus, as the Empress Major card, and the west the Wheel of Fortune, also Jupiter.  Those two planets astrologically are the most benefic and lucky planets. 


The serpent that has been pierced by an arrow is known as an image of union between the moon and the sun.  A lamb holding a cross has the same meaning.


In druid ceremonies people were arranged in order of merit, according to the numbers three, five, seven, which these candidates were led nine times around their temple going from east to West, the sun rising, the sun at noon, and the sunset.  All equaling 3 each 3 + 3 +3 = 9; nine is also the number for Yesode, the sephiroth of the Moon.  Nine is also represented by the ninth mystery of Amenta, which is a number of gestations, to prepare for the final judgment of the tenth mystery of Amenta, Malkuth.


Stone-hedge was built by those early giants before the deluge, and the word Stone-Hedge, means Kaer-Sidi, which is known as the seat of Sidi, or seven; which brings back the concept of the seven planets, etc.  The word Sidi means Saturn, and the outer stones of the circle are counted as thirty, the astrological cycle of Saturn.  Ark in Egyptian means Saturn, and corresponds to the title the Ark of Saturn, and was revered as the temple of the Sun and Moon.


Saturn is symbolized by a stone, the spiritual rock that is the foundation of the solar temple, and the stone represents earth.  It is known that the name Sut, in Egyptian means stone, and that the wielder of the hammer, or stone is sacred to nature or earth.  There is a white stone mentioned in the book of revelation that is held sacred in its symbolism, its true name is Chalcedony.  It is the stone of an initiate and given to those that are worthy.  It is the stone the builders rejected, and became a headstone because of its number 231, the measure of the earth, sun, and moon.  This stone may be the philosophers stone later mystified as a stone of alchemy.  The philosopher stone is the transmutation of gold and silver, Sun and Moon.


The number thirteen signifies the great mother of the seven stars, known as Typhon, the Eagle represents the great mother, and that of the initiate.  And on the American currency of the dollar bill it shows thirteen stars.  In which represents the zodiac and the sun, 12 + 1 = 13.  The stars also form a hexagram, six stars, and represent the Sun.  Each star alone represents a pentagram, the earth.  On the pyramid it has 72 stones, reminiscent of the Shemhamphoresch, the 72 names of god. 


The rose is a symbol of life, and of the great mother, and it has one hundred and eight petals.  What can be seen is that each 12 zodiac signs, times 9 the number of gestation equals 108.  The rose is female, and also the moon.  Another way to see the number 108 is by Hebrew gematria, the one hundred equals Qoph, the tarot card of Qoph is the moon.  The eight equals Cheth, the Chariot ruled by Cancer and also the Moon.  Taking away the zero we have eighteen, the 18th path.   Noticing even further adding the one and eight we get nine, representing Yesode the moon.  Also of interest nine is Hermit in tarot, the Yod which is ten, the godhead, and also the ten mysteries of Amenta, the ten sephiroths.  The number 108 represents the seat of maternity, enclosing the universe in her arms, like a fence.  The Hebrew description of the fence is in the letter Cheth.


The symbol of the rose-cross represents the rose symbolism, and the cross of the four elements.  Together it represents the destruction of human life, so the divine can transmute to a new form on earth.  The rose symbolizes the state of Israel, and that Adam gave from the Garden of Eden.


Vishnu like the god chaos, strides through the seven regions of the universe, or the seven planets, which was done in three steps.  These three steps represent Sun, Moon, and The Earth.  Astronomically they represent the three phases of the day, Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset.   It is said when Vishnu dreams, during the interval of his creations, he is supported by a great serpent with seven, on the waters of the abyss.  This serpent is symbolic of the great mother, Typhon, and her fellow children the builders of the north that were giants, or the nephilim.


The great serpent of all time is the Sun.  Any planetary spirit was known as a serpent, because of its great rays of light.  Lightning or light, travels in a zigzag motion, which is emblematic of a serpent, which is duality coming from unity, explaining the dual nature of lightning.


Vishnu’s incarnations are symbolic of the sun passing through the twelve signs of the zodiac, applying their functions.  Vishnu’s ten avatars also represent the symbolism of Amenta and the ten mysteries.  As mentioned before it alludes to the ten sephiroths. 


There is a curious myth of Vishnu’s that his ten avatars represent the development of the human race, and the individual human beings development, and its fate.  This prophecy states that there is nine manifestations of this, the gestation, the tenth that’s awaited will be judged and sent to its final incarnation.  Curiously the place where these avatars reside is called The White Island, also known as Shamballa.   It is said that at the last day the world will be consumed by fire or water.  The Sun and Moon will lose their light and a new heaven and earth will replace the old.  It is interesting to know that the human embryo represent the nine gestations of being creating within the womb, nine months give and take.  This human cycle also reflects the creation of the earth. 


Before this new earth appears, there will be war, darkness, and death.  Sorrow and misery will spread.  Vishnu or the Sun will arrive and bring the light to sustain the judgment with those of pure of blood, or the initiates.  Vishnu will be riding a white horse, symbolic of Sagittarius, or the card of Temperance.  Temperance has the meaning of modifying, switching.  The white horse is the archer, the conqueror, and is emblematic of the serpent coil, or solar force, the Sun.  Arrows which also represent Sagittarius, is recognized as pointers or directions of the way of immortality.  The arrows are aimed here on earth.  The white horse stamping his left foot represents the destruction of the earth.  It’s also called the fire horse in this form, champing its bit.  The moon and sun will unite.


The circle of the zodiac is split in two, Cancer, and Capricorn, the two solstices.  These are called the gateways of the sun.  Cancer is involution, and called the gate of man, its spiritual death for a time.  Capricorn is evolution, and called the gate of the gods, its ascendancy from earth to a more godlike form.  When the soul incarnates on earth, it arrives in Leo the first phase of the conditions on the earth.  Reflecting upon tarot, the 7 of wands is Saturn in Leo, which is the beginning of the minor arcana according to the Golden Dawn.  Saturn as we know, “Saturn is symbolized by a stone, the spiritual rock that is the foundation of the solar temple, and the stone represents earth.  It is known that the name Sut, in Egyptian means stone, and that the wielder of the hammer, or stone is sacred to nature or earth.”  Also Leo is ruled by the Sun, and hence the zodiac is being chased by the Sun. 


Man like the zodiac is in the form of a circle from its conception, but breaks the circle, when he is born he is turned into a broken and extended circle.  Unless man becomes immortal he won’t consciously be a perfect circle.


The wolf is of interesting symbolism, being the light from the Sun, lighting the earth below, or Isis as her guardian in the depths of the underworld.  Note: Isis also represents the Moon.  The wolf has been seen since in the Denderah Planisphere of the heavens, to be as old as 87,000 years.


There are four winged animals called the Cherubim that represent the four cardinal elements.  These four cherubs were found in Egyptian temples, and were said to inlay the eastern gate of Eden, as a token for Ptah.  They are also in the allegorical Temple of Sol-Om-On standing on each side of a cube, their wings spread on the Ark.

Also these four cherubs represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  The Hebrew word for cherub means a bull, the soul or angel of the earth is a bull.   The bull is the zodiac animal for Taurus which is ruled by Venus, and that of Hathor.


            The name blazing sword came to be known as the light which man seemed to have forgotten how to direct.  Knowing how to wield this power and direct the magic forces he was then named the conqueror of the flaming sword.  In the Cabbala, the ten sephiroths were emanated by the flaming sword or lightning flash, traveling from the highest sephiroth Kether, to the lowest of malkuth, Earth.  The sword is the symbol of the word of god, or the word of power.  The sword is the guardian of the pillars, and keeps alive the tree of life and the zodiac.


            The Masonic coffin represents the death from darkness and the time to reflect upon the light in order to be reborn from the ashes like a phoenix, from its death, into immortality, the perfect resurrection.  In Britain a candidate coming into the mysteries had to be kept in darkness for nine days, the number of gestation of human life.  The vault has similar meaning, but it represents the human, and also earth.  This vault is mystically buried so that the light can enter the darkness and be seen.  It is also said to represent a miniature of the universe, the microcosm.


            In a ritual of the Egyptian Aments there were two ladders that represented two stages; one called the ladder of Sut (Saturn) the land of darkness the other the ladder of Horus, (Sun) the land of light.  These ladders are known as Jacobs’s ladder, the ascension from the earth to the divine. The steps were seven in number.  Jacobs Ladder is referred to as the soles of the foot.  The word Mani meaning foot-soles represents the two truths, eluding to the two ladders of Sut and Horus.  The ladders also represent the two poles of the earth, North and South, which refers to the Moon, and the Sun.  It was said that there were seventy two angels, or Aeons on the ladder.  These are known as the Shemhamphoresch, which each 2-10 suits of the Minor Arcana are given 2 of these angels.   Pyramids were built to honor the seven steps of the ladder, or seven planets, which were called high places in Hebrew texts. 


            There was a book of stone called Petroma which was in two parts.  It was the book of the great Typhon written in stone.  Reflecting elsewhere in this document stone means earth and the stone is a symbol of Saturn, and the word Sidi, means Saturn, and seven.  Mentioned above, the two ladders of seven steps each, represented by the two poles, Sun and Moon, represents the great mother Typhon and her seven stars of the great bear, and the creation of the universe.


The Tent of Tetragrammaton, the Tabernacle, or the meeting place in the desert, has very curious meanings.  The tent is represented by the Temperance card, or Sagittarius because of the Hebrew letter Samekh.  The letter Samekh is symbolized by the keyword prop, or tent.  This brings us to the point that Temperance mentioned elsewhere means modifying, and switching.  This tent was built according to the imagery of Moses on Mount Sinai, and built with ten curtains.  The length of each curtain, eight and twenty cubits, and its breadth four cubits, the ten curtains are the ten divisions of the Ark of heaven and its four corners, of the elements, and the twenty eight measures corresponding to the lunar cycle.  Also note that the twenty eight measures added together are ten.  The ten, “Vishnu’s ten avatars, also represent the symbolism of Amenta and the ten mysteries as mentioned before, it alludes to the ten sephiroths.”


Bazalael, and his many names, the builder of the cosmic tent, or tabernacle knew the true meanings of the letters of the alphabet of the heavens and its creation.  Hermes a similar god, named the zodiac the Great Tent.  The heavens were called the temple of initiation.  It was called this because the Sun passed the two great signs, that of Cancer and Capricorn.  The latter being the Great Initiation.


There is a veil in the tabernacle of four different colors, white, blue, crimson, and purple.  A banner for each they showed four different images, the Bull (Taurus), the Lion (Leo), the man (Aquarius), and the Eagle (Scorpio).  These are the four fixed stars in the zodiac, which is also an element. 


The Shewbread represented the twelve months, or the zodiac, seven planets represented the candlestick, or the heavens.  The Tabernacle is the universe in microcosm on earth.  The blazing altar of burnt offering was for the use of sacrifices to the sun god, usually represented by incense. 


The most holy of objects in the Tabernacle was the Ark, remember Ark means Saturn.  Thus, “was revered as the temple of the Sun and Moon.”  In this Ark there are two cherubim facing each other.  Within, there are two tablets of Moses, which are said to be two Cherubs mentioned above.  These Cherubs represent the Sun and Moon, and also represent the two bears, the little and the big bear.


In Egypt, the Egyptian Solomon is the coming son, he was the designer of the tabernacle, and was the divine architect.  Solomon being the prince of peace was the sun and moon manifestation.  They are known as the god Ptah, and the goddess Ma.


The hammer, or gavel, is a weapon of the god Thor, and is a symbol of justice.  Its original form was that of a double axe.  The double axe is represented by the two lights the Sun and the Moon.  The gavel in ancient symbolism is related to the swastika, the workers hammer, the weapon of Thor.  The swastika was originally formed by two figures, reminiscent of the Sun and Moon creating the elements.  This weapon is symbolic of purifying the earth and creating a new one.  Thus, the hammer that creates.  When this hammer is used in conjunction of the cup, it represents the union of the Sun and Moon.


In representing the cross, there is a mystical chain formed from a circle and a cross shown by crossing arms of one person to another, which represents the sun and moon, and the elements uniting, this symbol also represents the planet Venus in an astrological glyph.  Venus ruling the earth is also shown.  The astrological glyph of Venus also resembles the Egyptian Ankh.  This circle and cross was to be squared to form a Tau cross, also the Hebraic thirty second path, symbolizing Saturn and the World Tarot trump.  This squared cross is a form of ninety degrees, reducing it results in nine the number of the generator.


The square is also the swastika and is called the generator of fire, or the light, and that of the sun.  The Tau cross was originally created to recognize the rising of the Egyptian Nile River.  The Cross was the fire of life that protected the lands from the inundation, hence the swastika being called the Tau Cross.  The Tau cross is called the beginning of the end of secret wisdom.  This cross in another form called the triple Tau, is emblematic of the trinity, hence the three lines on the cross shape.  The following quote states, “The headless or Tau cross is also a figure of the three quarters of the zodiac circle, or nine signs; the fourth quarter, or the last three signs, was for mystical reasons not completed.  In the kabala this number nine is the Broken Wheel, the wheel which cannot be completed until man becomes the perfect number twelve.” (1)  This broken wheel may represent the broken earth as present. 


The remaining three wheels, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, are shown in the tarot trumps of The Devil, The Star, and The Moon.  The ruling planet of each card or sign is, The Devil is Saturn, The Star is Uranus, and Pisces is Neptune.  The Devil is sometimes called the Beast, and so is Saturn, Saturn is Sirius in his form of Sut.  The planet Saturn may represent the next earth not physical but allegorical.  The planet Uranus may be the next sun, and the Neptune the new moon.  A name for Capricorn was called Makara, translated as Crocodile. The crocodile is a symbol of the Constellation Draco, and being called that because of the rising sun, its nadir, and it’s set.  It shows that the crocodile would come out during sunrise, sit in the sand at day, and be submerged at night, with its tip pointing out of the water. The word Makara beginning with the letter M is most sacred, and in Hebrew it is the letter Mem. 


In tarot the trump is The Hanged Man, meaning sea or water hence the crocodile in the water at night.  The word Makara is also typified by Makaram which stands for the microcosm of the macrocosm, or earth below the universe.  This word is connected with the destruction of the earth and also it is known this word means the number five.  It is symbolized by the pentagram, the elements and the earth, when the pentagram is down it means creation. 


The symbolism of the bee is quite detailed.  The ancient Jew’s called the Bee the Word of god, and its ancient title was that of the sun, or otherwise called the Great Revealer.  The Persian Sun-god was called the Great Revealer of the godhead, or Mithras.  Who of which was represented by the Lion the animal of the Sun and Leo, the symbolic name of the lion is in the initiates grip called the Lions Paw.  This Lion has been seen with a bee in its mouth presenting it to the initiated, carrying the word of god.  The Bee has also been sacred to the goddess Venus.


The name Abraxas is a name given to that of a Sun god.  His name has seven letters, representing the seven planets of the heavens. His names numerical value is said to be 365, which relates to the number of angels or aeons.  Aeons were arranged in two’s, male/female, Sun/Moon.  According to the Persian sun god Mithras, its name relates to that of Abraxas, giving the name IAO, and it is a name of great power.  The god Abraxas and the word IAO have a magical formula that is the word of the new Earth.  This formula is actually an incantation, its:  “ABRAHADABRA.”  The formula is in this name, counting the letters it equals 11, the total of the five points of the pentagram, representing the earth and mankind, and the six points of the hexagram, the Sun god Ptah.  It gives the eleven pointed star, the key to the coming aeon.


Mount Meru, the mountain of Eden, and the gods, is connected to the Tower of Babel, the pyramid of Sakkara and other monuments which created the worlds altar stairs equaling seven, that of the seven planets of the heavens.  The planet Saturn is represented by the seventh step, similar to Jacob’s ladder. 


The three fold construction in the blue lodge of freemasonry is represented by the sacred numbers 3, 5, 7.  The 3 is symbolized by 3 large stars in the constellation of Orion, that are particularly linked to the Blue Lodge, that consist of the above numbers of 3, 5, 7; being:  Two of these stars are just 3 degrees apart, the other is 1/3 a degree from the other two.  They represent the entered apprentices.  The Hades near Orion are 5 in number, and represent the fellow craftsman, near by is the Pleiades, 7 in number representing the master mason.  The color of the name of the Blue lodge, which is blue, is the Egyptian color of the sun; they used lapis lazuli in their temples to represent Ptah, or Ra.


It is interesting to know that the Apron represents a leaf, the leaf is a symbol of the Hebraic letter Daleth, the leaf, and the door, or called the leaf of the door.  It gave entrance to those that were initiates.  The letter Daleth is ruled by Venus, and the corresponding tarot trump is the empress; she represents the earth.  The fig-leaf is also emblematic of the Apron; it is a trinity in unity, which is a triangle.  The triangle also corresponds to the Sephiroth Binah, or the planet Saturn.  In which the last tarot trump of the tarot is ruled by Saturn, and represents the earth also, the World trump. The ancient Egyptians wore an Apron in the form of a triangle inlaid with gold, representing the Sun god Ptah, and twelve jewels of the zodiac.  The Masonic Apron also represents the seven planets or stars. 




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