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Occult Research
Monday, 3 September 2007
More Qlippoth Research
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Kabbalistic Information

Qlippoth Sephiroths And Tunnels of Set



1-Kether-Thaumiel- The god of the Qlippoth, oaths and their binding karma, the larger covenant being of the renewed world of the Qlippoth, the new world order of dragon kind, together as one the people of the Qlippoth, organized and bound together, rules over the black sun, gives the power of the Qlippoth and its world, to give warmth and security



2-Chockma-Ogiel- Rules over the future of the Qlippoth after the great work, the ways of being, to seek revenge, to destroy humans, to kill and annihilate, wound, slaughter, struck with calamity, injures and brings misfortune, war, to reveal as in the apocalypse, to manifest, the purpose of Lucifer’s great work to manifest, revelation of Lucifer or the Qlippoth, annihilation of Universe A and earth included with man, another guardian of the Qlippoth realm,



3-Binah-Sateriel- Gives freedom, a descendant of the dragons or Qlippoth, to hold power and dominion by birthright, leads one to the black sun, the place of the sun behind the sun, a companion and friend, to disturb something, to bring affliction, the black sun is shown behind the sun in the west at sunset beneath into hell, rules over shadows and darkness, awakens night kind,



4-Chesed-Gasheklah- A city for the Qlippoth, to dwell and inhabit, gives rejuvenation and rest, gives energy, to make others obey, measures and distribute karma, astrologer of the Qlippoth, to rise from a position, to burn problems away, rising in powers by the black sun, home of many Qlippoths,



5-Geburah-Golachab- A covenant, agreements, laws of the Qlippoth, a vow, brings strife and struggles, to further a cause, to climb and ascend, energies and powers to gain, transcend humanness, the place of the Qlippoth, mountains of the north in Qlippoth, where you will find at the north pole, the awakener, to make things still, foundations, destroys enemies, rules over foreign life forms, dealing with enemies, strikes down those not needed or desired, destructive, to subdue, Golachab is a legion of governors of the Qlippoth, to control others, manipulate and alter



6-Tiphereth-Tageriron- The Qlippoth’s inner circle, collective force of the Qlippoth, gathering of alike minded, pure forces and energy of darkness, illumination of the black sun, to reveal out in the open, hidden or apparentness, trickery, secretive, moves with guile, destruction vs. creation energies, power projected from Samael Qlippoth



7-Netzach-Oreb Zaraq- Creative forces, to have abundance in anything, movement of power, to generate, beginnings in many forms, an issues origin to find, to have power and control, to let loose, Qlippoth that tells secrets, to release a force, to be born, to be given power, to come into being, make things occur, to separate those of dragon blood from humans, initiator, to take control, to bind or stop someone, to police and monitor an issue, finding light through darkness, manifestation, messenger of Lucifer, to bring limitations and blocks, brings inspiration of all hidden knowledge, hidden places and secrets



8-Hod-Samael- Brings fertility to something, to multiply, to fill energy into something, creator of all, to be protected, to behold a spear, warlike actions, a form of Cain or Lucifer, leader of the Qlippoth, to bring down someone, to attack and destroy, brings illumination of the black sun, Qlippoth of the black sun, the will of dragons, darkness and shadows, to consume energies, dry up things, enchanter, a window to another world, To create a portal, keeper and watcher of the Qlippoth gateway in the North portal, to see the truth, wisdom, illumination and being given it, burn away a problem, the lost word, knowledge and gaining it, intelligence, make someone understand, Samael is a guide and instructor of the path of the Qlippoth, immortality, the key to finding the black sun, the color blue, gives teachings of the Qlippoth, the holder of power and in turn the giver, to bring terror to the earth, brings storms, weather magick, structure of something, to build a force, to bring justice, to inflame, to conceal, to be hidden



9-Yesode-Gamaliel- Draws power and energies, great strength, illumination of Qlippoth realm, desires, gain energy, source of energy, surround others with energy, manipulative power, sex and lust issues, sexual energy, surrounding anything, regeneration, an egg or vessel that contains magick, to create, to bring something to its end, to create a magical connection, or psychic, binding, to attach energy to something, to stop something, to bind with a pledge, make someone obligated, power of water



10-Malkuth-Lilith- Qlippoth contains energies, storage, helps with forming different energies, protective, conceal something, to alter a situation, get rid of barriers, make something known, to reality engineer, to ground energies, or grounding in general, to create movement, flow of anything, foundation of something, to animate into existence, servitor creation, the spark of existence, vigor and potency, new beginnings,



11-Aleph-Amprodias- Brings adjustment to the Qlippoth, sort the good and the bad, judges karma and you place, restores the HVHI, awakens to a new way of life, reveals the truth, brings justice, dragon of life and death, brings chaos to the earth, rules over alpha and omega, the first and the last, to absorb energy and transmute it, pass on teachings and knowledge, balance of light and darkness, law of cause and effect, the butterfly effect, governs the two fold truth, the mysterious and secret knowledge, to direct energy, satisfies destinies



12-Beth-Baratchial- A name for the ruler of the Qlippoth, chief magician, chief builder of the Qlippoth, the ruler over the reorganization of the dragons of the Qlippoth, gives commands and directions, gives wisdom of the Qlippoth, guide of the souls to the Qlippoth, takes those of worth to there, the hand of the Qlippoth the dragon hand or wand, that grabs the dragon kind, initiator,



13-Gimel-Gargophias- The female counterpart of Baratchial, female leader of the Qlippoth, gives abundance in anything, gives health and beauty, illuminated one, commander, governs the cities within the Qlippoth, governs the Qlippoth moon, its blood red in color, protective boundaries, to bring limits on something, to guard with borders, its borders are a mountain range, defense and its magick, protector of the Qlippoth realm, what Lucifer gives this Qlippoth manifests, (the key/word is in the lions(dragons) mouth with rectification visit the interior of the earth and find the hidden stone(Black Sun) means: The key to get to the Qlippoth is the North pole and enter its gates below to the Qlippoth realm and you will find the black sun.



14-Daleth-Dagdagiel- The Qlippoth entered and its transfer, to descends below to the black sun, the dragon kind find it and rejoice, brings silence and the knowing atmosphere, the awakening of the new earth which is Qlippoth, to grow in knowledge, ascend from the past, things that flow, to consummate anew, solitude, and godhood, to produce new life, increase anything, to beget or create, incline the dragons head, meaning the switch the poles of the earth, to go below, the vault or secret place, in reality the gateway to the Qlippoth,



15-Heh-Hemethterith- Settling down and finding ones place, happiness of a new life, Qlippoth of integration, prosperity and good fortune, immortality, to finally cross over, give rest and relaxation, Qlippoth of the magical Sabbath, repetition and ongoing energies, Qlippoth of water, Qlippoth river,  energy vampirism, consuming energies, gaining powers, to restore, offerings, Qlippoth that conceals secrets and knowledge, the bearer of the Qlippoths secrets in passage to the Qlippoth realm below, he rules over the North pole: the mountain of snow; sexual love, erotic desire, reveals those of the mark of dragon/Qlippoth kind, beholder of the sword, those of the old dragon faith that was destroyed before but its awake again



16-Vau-Uriens- To celebrate a success, to invoke the powers of the new moon, celebrate on the new moon, The temple of the Qlippoth, preserved beneath in the mountains, keeper of the towers of knowledge, to rebuild the temple of Lucifer, or the Black Sun



17-Zain-Zamradiel- Like Samael in which he governs what comes in and out of the Qlippoth realm, like a governor and watcher of the Qlippoth, great source of energy and power, gives orders and emanates from Lucifer and the Qlippoth realm, to divide those unworthy, to bring division to something, governs the original garden of Eden, the Qlippoth that rules over destroying the line of Abel, rules over the renewed creation



18-Cheth-Characith- To bring liberation from the clay realm, to be given aid, a new home and existence, the black sun fully known, to celebrate the new resurrection of Qlippoth, to swim in its power, to feed on it, to sacrifice for new life, to help germinate, and plant will or seeds of a new life, to feast and celebrate, to feed on others energies, gathering energy, to fornicate in pleasure and lust



19-Teth-Temphioth- To bring judgment, to be judged by the dragons and their carrying out of orders by Lucifer, Qlippoth of enlightenment, revealer of truths, manifestations of anything, truth of anything, gives good fortune, divination and foresight, to get insight, to find answers, and oracle of all knowledge, revelation of the two truths being the northern gate of Qlippoth and the southern gate of destruction, knowledge keeper of what’s to come, the inner knowledge of the Qlippoth, the map of the universe and universe B



20-Yod-Yamatu- The foundation work for the new temple of the Qlippoth, power to expand, the ego, another form of Lucifer/Samael, to send out energies, commands, the leader of the luciferian following, to find dragon kin, to protect, to refresh the self, cleanse, a refuge place, to get help on an issue, the bring into the fold, to bring beginnings, to be led out of the earth, Dragon kin to be gathered in numbers from earth, to their true home, to be hidden and concealed



21-Kaph-Kurgasiax- To divide and separate, to cause conflict, to open something, memories, to remember what was before; the golden age of Dragons or Qlippoth, symbols of Lucifer, to initiate, powers once had returns, to expand energies and power, to grow, images of Lucifer, to enlarge anything, awaken and attuning the black flame of Lucifer, awaken knowledge and anything



22-Lamed-Lafcursiax- Silence and rest, the shadow forces, enlarge perception, the processes of the great work, to perfect the processes of the work of the Qlippoth, works to manifest, the North Pole and its gateway, to conquer and destroy the clay, makes the forces of nature work for him, the power of nature



23-Mem-Malkunofat- The resurrection of new life, to consecrate works, the sacrifice of the clay and the empowerment it brings, the sanctuary of the Qlippoth, to cleanse and be free from, to reverse the Qlippoth realm with that of earth, to bring suspension, the actual process of the humans death



24-Nun-Niantiel- The new way of life, the religion of Lucifer the black sun, to be as a god, another leader of the Qlippoth, messenger of Lucifer, helps with sending energies, conductor of the dead, leads one from earth, to emit the profane, to emit negative energies and flow away, source of energies and its flow,



25-Samekh-Saksaksalim- Deals with sickness and health, mainly the wrong of humankind, the dirt they bear, the lies and ill will, shed the ill you may wear, to prepare for new life, the chosen ones will find mercy, Qlippoth that strips the human away, to be in pain and sorrow, to rid of it



26-A’ain- A’ano’nin- Gives punishment, atonement, to bless and consecrate, to bring retribution onto those that are of clay, to reach the point where you embrace totally your Qlippoth nature, to exalt your nature, and embrace the path, finds those who belong and those that don’t, to become powerful



27-Pe’-Parfaxitas- To bring annihilation, retribution and punishment for the humans, or bring peace, harmony, reward, prosperity and health to the Qlippoth kind, death and war, genocide, destruction, the earth and universe disappear



28-Tzaddi-Tzuflifu- Rules alchemy inner or the actual pole shift, the universal solvent and its knowledge, the powers of the Qlippoth, the dragon forces, the north pole of Qlippoth, the south pole of earth, knowledge within, to embrace the Black sun over the earthly sun



29-Qoph-Qulielfi- The realm ruled by another being like Lilith, the results of the pole shift or alchemical processes, the outpouring of below anew, the consort of Samael/Lucifer, sex magick, the waters of life, and nourishment, to make perpetual, female current, lust and desire, to strengthen something, the birth from conception, increase and creation, to be fertile



30-Resh-Raflifu- The final avenging and vengeance, to repent human form to dragon form, to release your humanity, to embrace your new self, to find satisfaction in something, to unite with Lucifer, to reunite also, to accomplish, to bring division, to open to something new, perform miracles, announcements, Lucifer’s messenger and voice, to bring completion, to finish destroying earth, to do under Lucifer’s image, end of humans, total end of universe A, the end, murder, death, destruction, under the name of the dragon kind, to be rewarded for your participation of this great work,



31-Shin-Shalicu- The source of Draconic Qlippoth energy, a sphere of chaos of Qlippoth form, to draw from it, and consume, the pathway of the dragon, the forces they govern, the Qlippoth Dragons as a whole, their existence, the fire of their creation, destructive while creative, strength and power to gain, divine judges and police, to be honored



32-Tau-Thantifaxath- The knowledge of Qlippoth, to be learned and in on secrets, magick powers to gain, The wisdom of the black flame, or Lucifer, to be awakened finally from previous tests, energy emanating from Qlippoth and learning to harness it, gives justice when needed, to rectify issues, the secrets of powers of the Qlippoth



Derived from The Book of The Words by Albert Pike, and The Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley


Christine Giacchino


Posted by lam777 at 2:00 AM EDT
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