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Occult Research
Wednesday, 22 August 2007
Qlippoth Cosmology
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Kabbalistic Information

The Qlippoth Cosmology


The tunnels of set were channeled, and the spheres and zodiac were interpreted from HVHI by Michael Ford.


1-Kether-Thaumiel-The Fool-The Black Sun, Lord of the Qlippoth World


Spirits of:  Lufugiel, Mahaziel, Abraxsiel, Azazael,Thadekiel


2-Chockma-Ogiel-Magician-The Averse Planets and zodiac’s ruler

Spirits of:  Dubriel, Lufexiel, Alhaziel, Chedeziel, Itqueziel, Golebriel


11-Daath-Typhon-the mother dragon, place of the beginning, creator with her mate gives birth to the Qlippoth realm, primordial power, Gateway to Qlippoth


3-Binah-Sateriel-The Universe-(Lucifer)-Hidden Knowledge, Concealment, hides in shadows, invisibility, darkness, Guards the Qlippoth realm from the profane,

Spirits of:  Saturniel, Asteriel, Reqraziel, Tagariel, Abholziel,
Lareziel, Abnexiel


4-Chesed-Gasheklah-The Wheel of Fortune-Brings wisdom to the path unseen, brings change and continual motion, beginning of initiation, Illumination of the black flame towards path of becoming gods


Spirit of:  Malexiel, Gabedriel, Chedebriel, Amdebriel, A’othiel, Theriel


5-Geburah-Golachab-Tower-Destruction, war, confrontations, powers and strength, abilities gain, maker of the tools of magic and the power behind it

Spirits of: Gameliel, Barashiel, Ebaikiel, Lebrexiel


6-Tiphereth-Tageriron-The Sun-The hidden of powers of the qlippoth, seeking darkness and power, Dragons of Tagariron are shades of energies of darkness, creation and power, creating servitors, bring things to form


Spirits of: Mephisophiel, Gobraziel, Rebrequel, Taumeshriel,Raqueziel


7-Netzach-Oreb Zaraq-Aeon-Control and command astral forms and shadows, night or ravens to a specific goal, includes dreams, projection and the astral, masters magick powers, dragon powers,


Spirits of: Helebriel, Satoriel, Baruchiel, Reteriel, Refreziel, Labreziel, Astoriel, Reptoriel,


8-Hod-Samael-Hanged Man-The will of Lucifer embodied within, to become a god, to know darkness and light, a dimension that protects dragons from the light of earth, absorb knowledge and wisdom, the truths of Qlippoth, to sacrifice what’s not needed, the pathway of the Black Sun, initiation of dragon kind


Spirits of: Sheoliel, Molebriel, Libridiel, Afluxriel


9-Yesode-Gamaliel-High Priestess-Shadows and dark beings live here, where magic is being formed, sex and lust, the moon of Lilith, the place where there are tests, place to draw power and energy, night magic, dreams and seduction


Spirits of:Idexriel, Materiel, Lapreziel, Gedebriel, Alephriel, Labraeziel


10-Malkuth-Lilith the younger-Empress-Five accursed Nations-Earth, humans, animals and fairies, the physical world of chaos, where Algol does his will, magick manifests here


11-Aleph-Amprodias- Bloodshed, mountains, portals,  pathways and gateways, listens everywhere, backlash, gives energy, tempests, nightmares, fair play, balance, to be smarter, plays games on others, muscular, foundations of issues, make things balloon, messes with others, the gallows

12-Beth-Baratchial- Sex, sleep, makes tired and to fall asleep, the morning, to have fun, star magick, makes things come closer, quickening power, retreating, escape, boats, fish symbolism, disguises, secretive, fishes for answers

13-Gimel-Gargophias- Understanding others, senses anything, entropy, scars, watching something, to predict, send things, abandon, a shapeshifter, leadership issues, to punish something, make things lost, to plant an issue, makes things disappear, accidents, replenish issues, restoration, things getting deeper

14-Daleth-Dagdagiel- Pries into something, sorting, erase someone’s name, shadow magick, night magick, makes things move, make things go missing, makes people get into trouble, the truth, shines its light on something, revealing, make things not add up, divorce, unkindness, make issues rough like

15-Heh-Hemethterith- Wraiths, shadows, animal issues, moths, planting seeds of an issue, make something end or die, mother nature, bring things to life, friendship, positive outcomes, heat and energy, shining on something, makes things grow, trees and their power, forests and the fay, plants and healing, rain and weather magick,

16-Vau-Uriens- maneuvers, investigate, being unseen, stealth, challenge, get someone caught, battle, to see the unseen, remote viewing, tunneling into something, to make cold, spontaneous effects, weaseling into something, things that are hidden, the underground of the qlippoth

17-Zain-Zamradiel- Power, underground authority of the qlippoth, property and dwelling places, to stop evil and those that harm, to put a lid on someone, minor issues to deal with, to find other kindred, to punish someone, bind and banish, to control, and restrict, weapons and protection, this qlippoth is a shapeshifter

18-Cheth-Characith- To protect and shelter, buy time, cover-ups, police control, make an issue explode, be given warning, herding people, hunting and searching something, perception of time controlling, open anything, guide, energy weapon, dealing with enemies, defense, invisibility

19-Teth-Temphioth- tempting others, getting secrets, finding information, wisdom, knowledge, the mind, making something known, make someone agree, to be given courage, to make something hurt, to be alert, to stop something from happening, to make free,

20-Yod-Yamatu-An Egyptian, experiments with energies, sending out energies, bonds, and binding, fellowship, adjusting anything, changes, sympathetic magick, follow an issue and its journey, watch to see, make something enticing, everyday magick

21-Kaph-Kurgasiax-Qlippoth moon, sun, stars and universe, sees what happens, wormholes, escaping, seasons, day or night, patterns and synchronicity, the fog, nanotechnology, life and death, sending to the void, astral sight to get stronger, quantum physics

22-Lamed-Lafcursiax-weaken pain, bring stress, ill health, health issues good or bad, make something parish away, make pain, to hurt someone, make someone learn a lesson, revenge, solitude, to catch someone in the act of something, make pay attention, attitude issues, self defense, causes blackouts

23-Mem-Malkunofat- pleasure, to make something respond, lust, sexual arousal, sex magick, marriage of a force, glamour and illusion magick, send a trail of something, counteract, misuse of anything, to calm something, omens and signs, to see an issue clearer

24-Nun-Niantiel- Spirits and the night, portals, cleansing, make things go wrong, entering something, time perception, to bring action, to find a location like scrying, to be able to see something, mind control, see how someone sees, a means to an end of an issue

25-Samekh-Saksaksalim- To freeze an issue, to contain something, to stop something, ice magick, put on ice, stop activity, freezing magick, exploring the unknown and hidden, stars and its magick, dreams and visions, chaos energy, see evil, record issues, memory magick,


26-Ayin- A’ano’nin- darkness and shadows, eerie energies, gives powers, exchanges energies, opens windows of another realm, make things feel scarry, messenger qlippoths, the dead and their shades, cemeteries, necromancy, raising spirits and the dead

27-Pe’-Parfaxitas- Brings news and messages, to be alone, dangerous issues, illusions, visions, to see the future, sentinels, to know the truth, guards the northern gateway to Qlippoth, set things straight, an alarm system, to be made awake, awaken anything


28-Tzaddi-Tzuflifu- To connect to something, nonstop issues, teaches energy vampirism, to open something, to see the qlippoth realm and learn better in it, rules molecule issues, captures energy or events in time, to record and see the past or future, energy patterns, manipulating matter

29-Qoph-Qulielfi- upset things, go down the wrong road, make things go to fast, make something fail, rip something off, tunnel vision, empty an issue, blood magick, startle something, to lessen something, to second guess, to make quiet, mischievous energies

30-Resh-Raflifu- tests things, finds the purpose of something, close a rift or portal, to shape and form something, to make healthy, leader of the magick of Lucifer, follows and watches luciferian magicians, resurrection of something, to initiate, investigates and researches

31-Shin-Shalicu- Rules over the demons of the necronomicon, gives nightmares, dream walker, masters powers, gives answers to what you want, brings victory, brainwashes, to train someone, illusion, learning to astrally touch, fighting and conflict, the unusual and unknown,

32-Tau-Thantifaxath- Vaporizing something, attract anything, communication network in qlippoth, labwork with crossing species, DNA lab, qlippoth science, gives consequences, A upper level leader of the running of the qlippoth realm, qlippoth historian, inspires with new designs


Zodiac Qlippoth


1-Bairiron- Aries/Emperor- Power and authority with balance, communication and wisdom, the antichrists will made manifest on the earth, mastery of earth and Qlippoth realms, helps write spells and gain spell ideas, empowers with energy, to make manifest


2-Adimiron- Taurus/Hierophant- Wisdom and information from the Qlippoth realm, secrets of the Qlippoth realm, finding hidden knowledge, astral travel, dream work, brings magic storms, using dragon powers to create and destroy


3-Tzelladimion- Gemini/Lovers- Awaken the spirit of Luciferian magick to become gods, to be initiated, sacrifice the old for the new, Hidden knowledge of the gate to the Qlippoth, to direct ones magic, awaken magic,  learns the art of Qlippoth magic, bringing its knowledge within, this path is opened by the words:  Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas


4-Schechiriron- Cancer/Chariot- To be fully awakened, to acquire and attain the art of Qlippoth magic, sending out magic forces and will, guidance on the path of the Qlippoth, journey to attainment, guide the magick, expand visualization, manipulating energies


5-Shelhabiron- Leo/Strength- the union of forces or powers, lust and desires, the essence of Luciferian magic, to bring completion to something, to induce and sustain realization, instinct and strength, the will of the magician, to bind energies to a goal, motivating the self, the process of a goal, to attain what one desires


6-Tzephariron- Virgo/Hermit-The pathway to the Qlippoth realm, to achieve a goal, to seek illumination, the connections between things in magic, finding associations to things, to awaken inner power, awakening to the Qlippoth realm, finding knowledge within that realm, find others strengths and weaknesses, to seek dark powers and consume the light


7-Obiriron-  Libra/Justice- Destructive energy, to form new beginnings, or makes spells end, to draw in energies to form and send, refine and manipulate powers, to prevent things from moving to quickly, destroy energies that try to harm


8-Necheshethiron- Scorpio/Death- Shedding the unwanted, gain powers, become more powerful, getting rid of issues and the past, restoration magic, overcome something, inciting chaos, bring things to an end or its death, to find important information, gaining draconic knowledge, guides you on the path of power, guidance of the Qlippoth realm


9-Nachashiron- Sagittarius/Temperance- Transmutation and shapeshifting, transformation from one thing to another, development, to make things manifest, counterattacking, bring the best or worst out of something, incite passion, gain strength, to aid in focusing, to bring balance, lord of war and storms, understanding the Qlippoth, and working with dragons, rules over the dead, magic to become godlike


10-Dagdagiron- Capricorn/Devil- Sexual forces and death, night, manifestation, creative power, initiator, power to create or destroy


11-Behemiron- Aquarius/Star- Forms of force and harsh manifestations, change, essence of the black flame, and the eye of set of awareness manifestation of the Luciferian current


12-Neshimiron- Pisces/Moon- manifestation of the female current, breeds other dragons, bestowing power of female dragons who seeks their power, sex magick, awakens the Luciferian essence



Christine Giacchino

Posted by lam777 at 10:53 PM EDT
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