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Occult Research
Monday, 23 July 2007
A Kabbalistic Listing
Mood:  lucky
Topic: Kabbalistic Information


Deciphering Occult Symbolism


Kether Symbols


Cosmic-Thou art, the crown, 1, forehead, macroprosopus, greater countenance, the vast countenance, the ancient one, ancient of the ancient ones, the most holy ancient one, long of face, the hidden light, the internal light, the simple light, existences of existences, I am what am, the most high, he, the simple point, the primordial point, the wonder, the head which is not, the white head, the inscrutable height, the concealed of the concealed, the profuse giver, sphere of the primum mobile, crown, hidden intelligence, brilliance, the root of air, white brilliance, god, union with god, silence positive yet indefinable, the great unknown, negative veils of existence, pure, basis, root, the abyss, cause of manifestation, primal glory, the beginning, void,


People-Metatron, David, Khabs, Ab


Labels- Iipsissimus, path of the first born, Amen, Arik Anpin/Arik Apim, Atik Yomin, Atiqa Qadisha,


Things Intangible-diamond, Almond, aces of tarot, white, the head,




Chockma Symbols


Cosmic-Wisdom, illuminating intelligence, crown of creation, splendor of unity, supernal father, the Yod of Tetragrammaton, inner robe of glory, the standing stone, , uplifted rod of power, the straight line, unorganized uncompensated  force, boundless energy, passage of force, stimulator of the universe, maleness, positive, simulative force, mercy,  stimulates evolution, let there be light, dynamic force, giver of life, producing life, grey, manifested universe, splendor, emanation, shining forth, abstract force, vision of god face to face, thou canst not look upon my face and live, sexuality, harmony, dominion, polarization, temporary equilibrium, peace restored, balanced rhythm, illuminating, root of the power of fire, , devotion, wheels, creative word


People- Tetragrammaton, Mosheh, Khu, Abba, Adam Belial, Beelzebub, Raziel


Labels- VIAOV, house of glory, the tower, male pillar, magus, Ha-Achoth Zohar


 Things Tangible-star ruby, wheel, amaranth, cross, phallus, turquoise, left side of the face,


Things intangible- the zodiac, fixed stars



Binah Symbols


Cosmic- Understanding, severity, sanctifying intelligence, foundation of primordial wisdom, creator of faith, roots in amen, faith, where faith emanates, dark sterile mother, Aima, bright fertile mother,  beholder or eye of god, vision of sorrows, silence, avarice, right side of the face, the yoni, Kteis, Vesica Piscis, outer robe of concealment, strength, abundance,  sorrow, material works, crimson, female potency of the universe, negative, interactive stresses that achieve stability, stable unit of the physical plane,  life into manifestation,  limiting, binding, constricting, birth and death, merciless severity, cosmic night, manifestation at rest, interlocking stabilizing, a curve, time, primordial root of matter, images in memory, power to perceive essence of understanding wisdom and knowledge, combustion, The root of earth, compassion, intuition, time,


People- Satan, Saturn, Elohim, great mother, Mary, Isis, Enoch, Agiel, Aima


Label- a mature woman, a matron, the throne, the great sea, female, mother of all living, virgin


Tangible- cup or chalice, the womb triangle, crocodile, cypress, opium, poppy sapphire, pearl, silver black,


Things intangible- Sirius, Babylon, magister temple



Chesed Symbols


Cosmic-  Cohesive or receptive intelligence, all holy powers, spiritual virtues, primordial emanation, highest crown, love, majesty, visions of love, obedience, solid figure, , orb, , perfected work, pleasure, rest from strife, earthly power, , protector and preserver, up-building, law giver, peace, manifested universe, archetypal  idea, concretion of the abstract, new activity formulating, guidance and ruling, symbolic representations,  formative ideas, logos, consciousness evolution, ideas from the substance of the unmanifest, , organizing and constructive, telepathy, prosperity, mercy, vision of love, fire, life eternal, nimbus,


People- Jupiter, Abraham, Adamah, Aholibamah, Jobab, El, Al,


Label- king on throne, violet, loving father, exemptus adept, teacher,


Things tangible- left arm, pyramid, equal armed cross, wand, scepter, crook, money, olive, shamrock, unicorn, amethyst, sapphire, the egg, goose, swan lapis lazuli


Things intangible-4 star of dawn, equinox, rainbow



Geburah Symbols


Cosmic- Strength, severity, radical intelligence because resembles unity, justice and fear, burner of god, fiery serpents, , vision of power, energy, courage, cruelty and destruction, strife, loss in pleasure, defeat, earthly trouble, war and protection, righteousness, respect, fear of god, breaking down aspect of force, destroyer,

Sacrificial priest of the mysteries, red in tooth or claw, dynamic, obstacles, battle, fire, height, rod, feathers, lord of the fiery furnace, Siddas, the just one,


People-, Jacob, Cain, Melchizadek, Ashtaroth, Husham, Elah, Kamael


Label- warrior in a chariot, celestial surgeon, dragon slayer, knight in armor

Adeptus major, commander of the celestial armies, Din


Things Tangible- right arm, pentagon, sword, orange, red, 5 petal tutor rose, spear, ruby, iron, sulphur scourge, chains, oak, nettle, blood, two candlesticks, steel, the ass, horse


Things Intangible- mars, basilisk, Kabiri,



Tipheret Symbols


Cosmic- Beauty, a sacrificed god, Zeir Anpin, meditating intelligence, blessings united, the lesser countenance, Healing of god, vision of the harmony of things, mysteries of the crucifixion, devotion to the great work, pride, victory, joy, earned success, material success, center of equilibrium, transmutation of force into form, dominion, a link, focusing point, a centre, consciousness, god the son, reuniting into the supernals, forces into equilibrium, giver of illumination, light, higher self, over soul, the first initiator, true seer ship, ecstasy, shemesh(sphere of the sun), healing, gold, giver of life, source of all being(symbol of god the father, sun behind the sun, immediate reflection of Kether), contact with source of vitality, manifesting energy, basis of money(symbol of human energy), distributor of energy, healing, solar energy, mediates between microcosm and macrocosm, influxes of Emanation, devotion, Depth, garden of eternity, center of rest, fiery breath, light of the world, divine tear, the shaper, the moulder of fire, green god, eye of the gods, water of life, drink of immortality, new birth, the land of the silver sky, place of illumination and union found within the unseen father,

People- Melekh, Adam, Horus, Adam Kadmon, Elijah, Hadad, Pinon, Hiram Abiff


Label- a majestic king, a child, the king, the son, the man, archetypal man mediator, redeemer, sun gods, holy guardian angel, Adeptus Minor, Ben


Things tangible- the breast, the Lamen, The rose Cross, Calvary Cross, the truncated pyramid, the cube, Yellow, rose-pink, Topaz, acacia, laurel, vine, Lion, red sea, the Nile River


Things intangible- the Sun, Phoenix, 365 days



Netzach Symbols


Cosmic- Victory, a beautiful naked woman, occult intelligence, refulgent splendor of intellectual virtues, firmness, the lord of hosts, Grace of god, vision of beauty triumphant, unselfishness, unchastity, lust, instincts and emotions they give rise to, force free moving, manifesting in elusive manner, specialized manifestation, one function, reflexes, embodiment of ideas, nature, formative influence, creative force in nature, natural force, representation of force, astral form, thought forms, imagination, contemplation of faith, god forms, worship, instincts, polarity of sex, love, life force(male, female), satisfaction, sensuality, flow of polarity, soul satisfaction, natural energy, alchemy of the soul, battle, holy spirit, first day, rising from the foam,


People- Hathor, Mosheh, Abel, Eve, Lucifer, Asmodai, Samlah, Kenaz, Haniel


Label- the arts, god of armies, rulers of nature, Philosphus, the word of god, bark of the gods, light bearer


Things Tangible- and legs, lamp and girdle, the rose, Amber, loins hips, emerald, lynx peach tree, dove, golden calf, leaves,


Things intangible - Venus, East, Argha,


Hod Symbols



Cosmic-Glory, hermaphrodite, absolute or perfect intelligence, mean of the primordial, the god of hosts, like unto god, the sons of the gods, vision of splendor, truthfulness, falsehood, dishonesty, Names and versicles, sphere of form, objectivity, modification, influencing environment, with intelligence, the mind, thoughts, organizing and form making, domestication of nature, astral form alive to worship, sphere of magic, formulation of form, magicians work within, mind and form, ensouls with Netzach with astral link, power of will, inhibited reaction, satisfaction forgone, sublimation, self preservation, instinct of reproduction, checking of power, inhibiting influence, lord of swiftness, rational mind, preventing diffusion, direction of will, host of forms, magick of light, equilibrator of the unbalanced, concrete mind, formal magick, splendor, divine scribe, lord of the divine word, god of magick, divinity of writings, messenger, embalmer,  youth, children, only one, infinity, to speak, pillar of Hermes, apocalypse, rod of Hermes,


People- Solomon, Thoth, Aaron, Buddha, Adramelek, Saul, Teman, Elohim-Tzabaoth


Label- science, serpent sword and pair of balances, co-worker of the architect of the universe, Practicus, logos, the word, revealer, keeper of the gates, child of the sky, Arqa


Things tangible-mercury, loins and legs, apron, violet purple, yellow, books, opal/fire opal, jackal, golden color, fox, swastika,

Things intangible- West, twilight, constellation of Orion, caduceus, serpent symbol



Yesode Symbols


Cosmic-The foundation, very strong, the pure intelligence, purifies emanation, designing representations, disposes the unity which are designed without division, the, the strong, vision of the machinery of the universe, independence, idleness, established in strength, great strength, flux and reflux, purify the emanations, organizing what was designed, proving, correcting representations,  disposing unity that was designed without division, the engine of creation, mind and matter, Aether of the wise, akasha, astral light, root to invisible state, unmanifest 5th, receptacle of the emanations of all the sephiroths, immediate transmitter to earth, purify and correct emanations, disposing unity of design, magick manifest, psychic senses, astral plane, sensation, rising on the planes, lifts consciousness, illusion, reflective, unconsciousness, evolution, borrowed light, waxing and waning, cycles, reproduction, cosmic tides, etheric, magnetic, emotional, independence, conceives immaculately, the light which shineth in the darkness, the woman light, renewal and reincarnation, the ever sacred,


People- Shu, Joseph, Amos, Baal-Hanan(father-Achbor), Mibzar, Magdiel


Label- beautiful naked man, almighty living god, hero of god, Theoricus, the wet



Thing tangible- reproductive organs, perfumes and sandals, Indigo, elephant, quartz, jasmine, lead, mandrake, damiana, hare, rabbit, water


Things Intangible- Moon, south, 28, month, 13


Malkuth Symbols


Cosmic-The kingdom, resplendent intelligence, exalted above every head, illuminates splendors of all lights, influence to emanate from the prince of countenances, the gate, the gate of death, the gate of the shadows of death, gate of tears, gate of justice, gate of prayer, the gate of the daughter of the mighty ones, the gate of the garden of Eden, vision of the holy guardian angel, discrimination, avarice, inertia, end results, home of evolution, earth soul, psychic matter, settled equilibrium completed, completion, stability, manifestation and reactions, self regulating, materializing, solidifying, embodiment, retreat, analogy, four modes of manifestation, materialism, mundane, completion, living substances, channel of manifestation, concrete function, tangible, end, cosmic filter, microcosm, as above so below, skepticism,


People- Malkah, Kallah, Osiris, David, Elisha, Adoni ha-Aretz, Ayeth, Hadar, Eram


Label- a young woman crowned and throned, inferior mother, the queen, the bride, the virgin, souls of fire, Zelator, Neophyte


Things Tangible- the feet, the anus, alter of the double cube, equal armed cross, magick circle, triangle of art, black, plants, animals, crystals, physical body, citrine, rock crystal, willow, ivy, lily, sphinx, corn,


Things Intangible-4 elements, elementals, Earth, divination, north



Paths of the tree of life symbolism



11- Aleph-Kether Chockma


Cosmic- Ox-Yoke, generative power, thunderbolt of Thor, primeval motion of the great breath, whirling chaos into a creative center, nature of Kether, scintillating intelligence, mildness and patience, sexual innocence, ploughing,  sacrifice bulls and cows,


People- Hoor-paar-Kraat, lord of silence, Zeus, Holy Ghost, Harpocrates, Matthew, Jupiter, Maruts, Valkryries, Nu,


Label- lord of the firmament, king of the birds, knight Errant,


Things Tangible- head of an Ox, Bull, swastika, Eagle, the fan, Dagger, pale yellow, Aspen, Topaz, Chalcedony, peppermint, River Tigris


Things Intangible- Air, wind, breath



12-Beth-Kether and Binah,


Cosmic- wisdom, Transparent intelligence, unstable principle, ever changing, Ruach, infinite wanderer, spirit of life, plans and arranges the world, poetry, kundalini, infinity, Sardis

People- Hermes, Thoth, Odin,


Label- messenger, restorer, logos


Things Tangible- House, baboon, monkey, swallow, Norse runes, caduceus wand, mastic, mace, storax, agate, vervain, Ibis, grey, opal, wand, fish, palm tree,


Things Intangible- Mercury, Nimbus,


13-Gimel-Kether and Tifereth


Cosmic- birth strangled babes, uniting intelligence, crossing the abyss,


People- Shechinah, Lady Babalon, Artemis, Hecate, ALIM, HGA, virgin, Laodicea


Label- ship of the desert, inner college of masters, order of the Silver Star


Things Tangible- Camel, Barren desert of sand, Silver, Camphor, aloes, moonstone, pearl, dogs, bow and arrow, blue


Things Intangible- the moon


14-Daleth-Chockma and Binah


Cosmic- attraction of opposites, mother and father, universal love and desire, luminous (illuminating) Intelligence, alchemical salt,


People-Aphrodite, Lalita, wife of Shiva, Hathor-cow goddess, AGAPE, Thyatira


Label- Gate of the equilibrium of the universe, wife


Things Tangible- Door, the womb, green emerald green, Emeralds, Turquoise, myrtle and rose, clover, sparrow, dove, girdle, copper


Things Intangible- Venus


15-Heh-Chockma and Tifereth


Cosmic- fiery, martial, war, valor, courage, honor, Alchemical Sulphur, energy, mother is the daughter vice versa, understanding,


People- Athena, Tyr, disciples, Tribe of Gad, Apostle Matthias, Prophet Malachi, Judge Othniel, Wife Zilpah


Label- Constituting intelligence, Aries


Things Tangible- Window, ram, Spear, geranium, ruby, red, owl, Horns, head and face,


Things Intangible- mars


16-Vav-Chockma and Chesed


Cosmic- universal reproduction force, creative reality, magical will, blood of the bull, wine, sacrifice for purification of man, son of Tetragrammaton, Triumphant or eternal one


People- Asar Ameshet Apis, fighting bull of Memphis, Shiva, Bacchus, Christ, Tribe of Ephraim, Judge Ehud, Wife Rachel, Prophet Haggai, Apostle Thaddeus


Label- Taurus, redeemer


Things Tangible- Nail, Phallus, Hymen, bull and serpent, mallow, indigo, sugar,


Things Intangible- Venus, nuptial veil, mermaid,


17-Zayin-Binah and Tifereth


Cosmic -Twins, two faces in different directions, Disposing intelligence, hybrids, vice and virtue, twins reconciled, oracle always death,


People- Caster and Pollux, Apollo as a prophet, Janus, Hoor-Paar-Kraat sums up twin gods Horus and Harpocrates into one, Tribe of Manesseh, Apostle Simon, Prophet Zechariah, Judge Shamgar, Wife Rachel


Label- Gemini


Things Tangible- Sword, magpie, alexandrite, tourmaline, mauve, orchids, wormwood hilt and blade


Things Intangible- mercury,


18-Cheth-Binah and Geburah


Cosmic- Midnight sun, celestial house of the soul, the envoy of the gods, corselet, chariot of the gods, silver star, spiritual rebirth, waxing and waning moon, great work, to know the unknown crown, unknown nature, Intelligence of the House of influence, chariot containing life, secret of the universe, furnace


People- Khephra, Hermod, son of Odin, Nuit, Tribe of Issachar, Apostle John, Prophet Amos, Judge Deborah, Wife Leah


Label- cancer, beetle headed god, lady of the stars, ABRAHADABRA


Things Tangible- A fence, helmet, chariot, blue, lotus, maroon, amber, crab, turtle,


Things Intangible- Sphinx, moon, Ark, Sangraal, cup of the Holy Grail,


19-Teth-Chesed and Geburah


Cosmic- Phallus and wisdom equates to serpent, link might and mercy, justice and love, Intelligence of activities of spiritual being, act of power, identity of star and snake,


People- Pasht, Sekhet, Mau, Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Horus, Tribe of Judah, Judge Gideon, Wife Leah, Apostle Peter, Prophet Hosea




Things Tangible- Serpent, Lion, cats, Sunflower, cats eye, purple


Things Intangible- Sun, Phoenix wand


20-Yod-Chesed and Tifereth


Cosmic- Libido, puberty, the lamp, Eucharistic Host, hand of god, , world forces in motion, virginity, purity and innocence,  Intelligence of will, virgin man, secret seed of all, secret of the gate of initiation, action of indivisible points,


People- Isis Nephthys, narcissus, Adonis, Hadit, Tribe Naphtali, Judge Tola, Wife Bilhah, Prophet Micah, Apostle Andrew


Label- Virgo, spermatozoon, Dhyan Chohanic consciousness


Things Tangible- Hand, Phallic, peridot, snowdrop, Gray, bread, wheat


Things Intangible- mercury symbol,


21-Kaph-Chockma and Netzach


Cosmic- Hollow of ones hand, receptive, feminine, blind giver of wealth, infinite and abundance of nature, Conciliatory Intelligence, force of the 5 elements


People- Njord, Zeus,


Label-4 letters of Tetragrammaton


Things Tangible- lapis Lazuli, amethyst, Hyssop and oak, saffron, blue wheel, Eagle, Sceptre,


Things Intangible- Spoon, Jupiter, Pluto, Philadelphia,


22-Lamed-Geburah and Tifereth

Cosmic- Ruler of the balances, justice, abstract law, custom, equity, truth, judgment, faithful intelligence, cross of equilibrium,


People- Themis, Maat, Nemisis, Yama, Tribe of Asher, Judge Jair, Wife Zilpah, Apostle Bartholomew, Prophet Jonah


Label- Libra, Daughter of the lords of truth, assembly of gods, the woman justified


Things Tangible- Ox-goad or whip, Sword, scales, aloe, spider, elephant, emerald, galbanum, pale green,


Things Intangible- Venus


23-Mem-Geburah and Hod

Cosmic- Waves of the sea, stable intelligence, the cup and sacramental wine, salvation, cup and cross of suffering,


People- Tum Ptah Auromoth, Poseidon, and Neptune, John, Jesus


Label- unredeemed man, savior,


Things Tangible- Water, sea green, sea, lotus, water plants, Aquamarine, beryl, myrrh, eagle, snake and scorpion, wine, River Gihon


Things Intangible- elixir of immortality


24-Nun-Tifereth and Netzach


Cosmic- Immense serpent, Kundalini, libido, regeneration through putrefaction, alchemy chemical changes, spiritual dryness, the dark night of the soul, light in darkness, Imaginative intelligence, pain of the obligation


People- Apep, Khephra, Tribe of Dan, Judge Jephthah, Wife Bilhah, Apostle Phillip


Label- Scorpio, beetle headed god,


Things Tangible- Fish, reptile, beetle, beetle brown, Opoponax, cactus, poisonous growths, snakestone


Things Intangible- Mars, midnight sun,


25-Samekh- Tifereth and Yesode


Cosmic- Tentative Intelligence, hunting, bow and arrow, Archery, man made perfect,


People- Apollo and Artemis, Asar-Un-Nefer, Tribe of Benjamin, Judge Ibzan, Wife Rachel, Prophet Zephaniah, Apostles James


Label- Sagittarius, celestial archer


Things Tangible- Prop, the arrow, horses, rush, green, Hyacinth, pillow, stone

Things Intangible- Centaur, Jacinth,


26-Ayin-Tifereth and Hod


Cosmic- Bold without fear, lingam, lustful goat, fruitfulness, creative force of godhead, man-god, eager and exalted, redeeming the world, Renovating Intelligence, the secret force,


People- Yoni, Khem, Bacchus, Judge Elon, Tribe of Zebulun, Apostle Thomas, Prophet Nahum, Wife Leah


Label- Eye of Shiva, Capricorn, Jesus riding on an ass,


Things Tangible- Eye, pineal gland, mountain goat, black diamond, goat, ass, musk, hemp, Hashish lamp, black,


Things Intangible- Aegipan (the all),


27-Peh-Netzach and Hod


Cosmic- Natural intelligence, House of god, Lord of the hosts of the mighty, , flames, Adeptus major, Geburah correspondences but less spiritual, battles, war, ,


People- Horus, Mentu, Ares, Krishna, Pergamos


Label- hawk headed lord of strength, god of wars


Things Tangible- Mouth, Iron, wolf, bear, ruby, rue, pepper, Absinthe, red, fire, sword,


Things Intangible- mars, lightning


28-Tzaddi-Netzach and Yesode

Cosmic- Daughter of the firmament, dweller between the waters, genius of womanhood, the female sex, feminine beauty, Natural intelligence,


People- Juno, Athena of the arts, Ganymede, Ahepi and Aroueris, Tribe Reuben, Apostle Matthew, prophet Habakkuk, Judge Abdon


Label- Aquarius, Water bearer, cupbearer,


Things Tangible- Fishhook, olive, eagle, sky blue, Chalcedony, censer


Things Intangible- soft watery clouds and stars


29-Qoph-Netzach and Malkuth


Cosmic- Corporeal Intelligence, astral plane, also phallic, spermatozoa swimming in the foundations of ones being, dominion where fish dwell,


People- Vishnu, Fish Avatara, Neptune and Poseidon, Khepra, Jesus of Nazareth, Icthus, Oannes, Tribe of Simeon, Judge Samson, Wife Leah, Prophet Joel, Apostle James


Label- Pisces, the fishes, Piscean, Son of god, Teacher of wisdom,


Things Tangible- Back of the head, beetle or crab, fish, dolphin, buff, pearl


Things Intangible- twilight of the place


30-Resh-Hod and Yesode


Cosmic- Collecting intelligence,(Baali ha-Shamaim) blazing sun,


People- Ra, Hellos, Apollo, Surya, the child Horus, Kalki Avatara


Label- Head reversed, crowned and conquering child


Things Tangible- yellow, Cinnamon, Lion and sparrow-hawk, gold, sunflower, Lamen

Heliotrope, laurel, Crysoleth, white horse


Things Intangible- Sun, Solar, solar disk


31-Shin-Hod and Malkuth


Cosmic- Flames, hissing, Sibilant, Holy spirit descending in tongues of fire, fiery attributions, Crown me with poppy and hibiscus, fiery odors,


People- Apostles of Christ at Pentecost, Hades, Pluto, Vulcan, Shu


Label- the perpetual intelligence


Things Tangible- Tooth, Fire, red, poppy, hibiscus, fire opal, wand or lamp, River Pison


Things Intangible- nether regions, the underworld


32-Tau-Yesode and Malkuth


Cosmic- Low astral plane, sum total of all existent intelligences, , imperishable nature of the world, silent secret and peaceful groves, eternal, wild, original nature, , Grossest form of matter, Solidification of 4 elements, slothfulness and inertia,


People- Gaea, Vidar, Sebek,


Label-the earth, god of imperishable matter, the Administrative Intelligence, crocodile god


Things Tangible- T-shaped Cross, Asafetida, black, ash, nightshade, sickle, salt, River Euphrates


Things Intangible- Saturn


Serpenta Azothi

Posted by lam777 at 3:52 PM EDT
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