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Occult Research
Monday, 23 July 2007
More Channeled Material From Lam
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Occult Misc.




1:  In dim light shed the bow, the arrow lifted its glow, ancient upon lesser forms of low. 


2:  Birds and yellow, keep the yarrow from dimming its fawn,

Oh yea the birds have sprung, the little feathers burning their young.


3:  Ancient shadows lurking within, nothing brought us in.  Shallow regents mock their sin, in another kin. 


4:  Yellow cake meads of pollen stork beans, yellow and green, nothing left the scene.


5:  Ploughing the sky with ancient shekels, bloomed in white. 


6:  Harrow the feathers their sloth and yarrow, pleased to watch the memories between us. 


7:  Terror rips the shadows grip, placed firm in someone’s fate, beget the sparrows of yet. 


8:  Rode the mines in pleasures grip, happiness reasons, left for treasons. 


9:  Bored of yet the meager arrow grips, faster and faster left to strip, the Pharaohs dynasty now rent. 


10:  Burdened by anger the fellowship wrought, spent in years of danger, the worship stops.  Pleasures amidst the treasons four, banished a season more, risen arrows lift the moor, bandits risen in fields of yore. 


11:  In seasons ripped by tyranny, left by some and told by none, ripe planes the sorry gaze, ribbons of rhymes lick the prime.  Shallow midgets licked their pride, their sorry pleasure gone for a ride. 


12:  Banned by season rode by reasons, the finished products wean.  After indolence scout the wise.  Rifts of matter, stunk the rise, barriers of pleasure reap their demise, and after times of reason six more fight for lore, and damned feathers left to mourn. 


13:  Lift the savior’s heart and run, their pleasure is for one. 


14:  Damned stellar ridges apt for seasons, more than time. 


15:  Climb the darkness, shallow and sworn.  Find the places rebelled in one.  Chances demise, left to rot in careful times. 


16:  Seasons risen left for prison, none cast aside.  Darkness reaches the after times, the worship season, the afterlife’s reason, left for demise. 


17:  Feathers drip their bloody tail, the harp sings in future scenes, left to reason the fellow breaths, their tongue whipped tall in frozen scenes, yet the night gathers the prison gates, harboring twice the ancient freeze.  Yet in thousands, theft and demoralization, reckons the disease, the rift shall be pleased. 


18:  Yet the dozen reapers in their clown like guise, ripped away by their song, step in for long.  Burrows of treason without reason, slept in charts of green, the mellow sign has been torn. 


19:  But as yet the stellar lights agree, the song shall follow the ancient’s breeze, the stellar anger, the ready manger of lights please, the fellow interests of another breeze.  Darkness burdens lots of these, the ancients yellow, their green shall rust, but night matters, dusks breeze. 


20:  Once these shallow engines cease the ribbons of tongues after these.  Cause of this disease lies not in times of disease, but arrows of thousands rise in their sleep, let them believe. 


21:  Darkness ousts the sorry lad of mine, the trenches rise, the wretched scream.  Die for light that yet isn’t pleased. 


22:  Harps of lemons rocket the mead, the scrambled answer scorns these. 


23:  Alternate times the ribbon flies, the sorrow rise, and modern demise, rich and poor no more, times like these the time has ceased, bringing more to disease, rich now blighted, poor stunk bad, their eyes lifted sought no more. 


24:  Time flees the ancient disease, the cornered few we please, answers rise in motes of time, the buckets of yesterday lay here to see.


25:  The borders quick, the light shatters all but these, let them flee.  Scouts of terror lie in bane, their tops burst in flames.  Shadows lurk in ancient breeze, time for shallow seasons please. 


26:  Ride the buckets the partnered two. Ravage the coast, and storm the roost.  Manger and slough, the ancient bird, ripped in two the worlds flee here soon, bordered straights, laughing gates, the ancient two rip the dew. 


27:  Cease the anger cease the deranged, rivers of time slip in time, to another place of mine. 


28:  Slept in anger, left in truth, I felt the darkness come for me too.  Yet the burdens ate the two, slept in danger managed to sleep.  But waken in fear the river would slip. Into darkness with nothing to do. 


29:  Yet the manger reaps its core, the flock is all but gore.  Yet time slips in tarmacs two.  River abates its sorry snow, yet when all times listen for mine, the severed link rots no more.  Prepare for time to reawake, the darkened sea lies in wait, please find destiny, fix this state. 


30:  Ravaging owls listen, this clue, for byways and highways the light risen forth, Border States listen close, the anger less dozen reaches the shore, burning for more.  Yet when darkness sheds its cloak of death, rivers of sanctions litter the stead.  Please write time and shatter it ye must. 


31:  Engines of futures that burden us, let the time come to us.  Time and dozen let them through, hand them over make them two.  Fearful dozens wake with a clue.  Rivers die and lie in two, storms gather, light scatters, listless too.  Future time is the clue, we revive the swallows ancient two, the Gordon of bliss the tremors of this. 


32:  Like to see the risen tree, the anchored one of a thousand trees, the time has come to see this one; the rivers drink its cloning dust, the perished ones that lust. 


33:  Rivers and clues surround this place, the harpers and rivers the lustful twin, the shame that rustles within.  Burdens no more, the swelling abhor, the rituals masked in liver tongues, the scouts beware their tamed and swear. 


34:  Closer to the rituals mask, the ancient ones see at last, the ripples of futures lie in wait, the dozen sees what thou has seen, let the purple lifts it wake, shut the sound the furry founds, the seasons glow in ribbons of woe, luck stamps its card on thee, rivers and pleasure are these. 


35:  Time stops in season’s boat, left remote, bands of fires rip the mires, yet none can see this transpire.  Forgotten the years of tens of us, lie here in season trust, the greater evil abandoned us, yet none seeketh the words I speak, none shall gather since gloom frees the ancient yellow the worst I see. 


36:  Brought in rivers of tamed blood, the scouts sever the cornered few, and rivers die in pain too, yet the scouts cannot see, the ancient one of we.  In time the severed lots with die, the caravan of showers, the truth flowers.  Yet the dynasty sings in rivers of goo, ripped from sleep the time we seek, shall uncover the darkness, and greet the sea, bind the sorrow lift for tomorrow. 


37:  Darkness shelters none but these.  Darkness gleams in troubles to, they haven’t found the time, neither have you. 


38:  So sleeping in times of this disease, timed our fortune trees, the littered few.  Rivers sleep yet none reaps the ancients dozen the rivers peak.


 39:  Change the letters the time thus matters, risen in sleep we must reveal, the times letters, the wretched gathers, sleeps in such disease, remorse the cattle, dine with shallow, and livers live in times of yellow, yet the time has come to cease, the will of mine must reap, the yellows world, the burdens truth, we shall come, we shall find, the ancient yellows grip of mine.


40:  In times of peril yet to live, gone with terror some to see. 


41:  Break the master their tongue rides the ancient left the saints die. 


42:  Quick to find the answer thus, reveal the panderer and strike with size, in darkness strides the ancient tongue, lift the bride the worse has come. 


43:  In times of woe shelter the streets, anger heats.  Gone for good the reasons song, bitter and treason lift as long.  Songs of treasures bask in our glow, reindeer matters just as sow, burdens await the masters song, the shrine of dynasties lift the song.


44:  Cry for danger the reeds long, slip the darkness feeds for long.  Carriages of ancestors reason dies, but in terrible sources they shall fall, greet the nectar and the fall. 


45:  Fish for ease, the wretched are pleased.  Sever the link, the fields of gone.  Repeat the laughter this song.  Drive the anger drive the song, ancient species lifted to see, the rivals darkness all must see, anger drives the wicked the masters plan, the rebels laugh in my hand. 


46:  Yet when darkness falls the road rages froths of hero’s gone, yet the damage cease as yet, quote the meager the fallen stone. 


47:  Reveal the ancient toes the woe has begun.  Slip the rebels their after song.  Raised in foliage the rambling dog, split the master his twain, yet batters the strong.  Pleased to find it, the African song, the peril has begun, yet hasn’t started all shall expire. 


48:  Pleased to seek the answers call, pleased says wither them all. 


49:  Darkness reigns and peace is deranged lifted by songs of a gathering throne.  After the donkeys mow the lawn. 


50:  Starlit masters break the song, the ancient gather sleeping in thrones of savages the ancient passages. 


51:  Reason begets the timing of the seasons pain, the wreckage gathered reason splatters.  In reasons beyond reasons lifted their song, the ancient gather trying to cease their anger their putrid ravings of old. 


52:  Yet the song still reasons and gathers treason of an ancient seed.  Left to forget the pains beget, still gone as yet. 


53:  Cornered by elephants the praise doth wander near, elephant feet the stillness of the matter, feathers brought with a guise of yellow, leapt from several angered smog’s.


54:  But pleasure fights their weakness wrought, do not ponder but savor the thought.  Quickly the meager fight ravaged by something near the coast, wishing above us wishing below us the same song, yet quote the master the fresh have moved on, wither the gathering wither and beget, slept near the smog of sheltered kin. 


55:  Quote the faery the wretched gone. 


56:  Sleepless feathers, their anger sputters the region wanders and falls below.  Yes below. 


57:  Several features color the sky, the purple wonders, the green has gone, yet for now the species gathers reading the song.  Bitter the song. 


58:  Future Aeons darken the sky; the beauty gathers rich with salt sublime, darkness quotes the answers wrote, bleeding rivers darkened sky, gather them nigh. 


59:  Portals of these rivers yet to die.  Cannot fight this torn fight.  Yesterday gathers tomorrow’s sight. 


60:  Rich rivers of nostalgia rise, beckoning their final goodbye.  Sleep, yet yesterday wonders why. 


61:  Do not spite the anger less cousin, the future rests in the dozen, but time wonders the same truth despite the ancient truth of the sky. 



62:  The garden summons the ancient two, the reason beyond us, gone for nigh.  Yet Tuesday batters the rivers throne, the pitiful minions left to rot inside.  Rivers born of ancient two cannot surmise the twice born two.  Yet beautiful hither the sacred cousin born from two, yet they see the ancient twice, born from light, the future too. 


63:  In the banks of waters the peaceful rivers sublime, reads the minds of the ancient swallows wrath, followed by a storm gathering near. 


64:  The rivers rise in banks of two, yet the monster readeth the four, bygones litter the star lit waste, of another time and place, pleased to receive the twelve songs of yonder east. 


65:  The sight we know is not the doe, but an ancient quote said by Yo, the garden sees the masters pleased; rivers became a dozen rested on two, the burden cease, the laughter’s piece, now gone for another sleep. 


66:  Darkness gathers rivers demise, the hatred mocks the ghastly dozen, fortune sleeps in darkness which reaps the horror felt by thee. 


67:  Forever cease, this pain decease, the caused is harbored in winters throne, the bargain matters, the wisdom seeks, the rivers dance with police, yet daughters surmise the rivers collapse, the twice begotten the rivers twice, yet strain with power the breaks surpass the ancient clone rivers cease. 


68:  Darkness succumbs to ancient powers, the pleasure begot in deceiving thus.  Darkness batters the wretched in surprises of cloning the rivers plus. 


69:  Yet daughters come and seek the throne, the beach front darkens the ancients wrath, forever forget the torn beget, in times of truth the pressure cease, left to the sworn the pleasure reaps, nothing yellows like this.


70:  In dark shallow edges near, the pleasure quotes from here, the Spanish die in wretched glee, the horror surrounds this place of the free, born from time the ancients flee, lift the moor seek some more. 


71:  Time comes and rivers three, the time reveals the ancients three, gone are the yore, fond no more.  Time chose this ancient one, the rivers cease, the time sees the ancients rivers now deceased, gone to places of another hast. 


72:  In future cities the river sleeps, the place of rest now seek the rest that cannot be torn. 


73:  Humans die in waste of time, the rivers marrow, the bone marrow; finish the rope the time has eloped.  Test the season gone from reason, left to spite another rope of nigh.


74:  Yesterday comes, yet becomes the lifted anger the swallowed kind.  Burn their time, rivers sublime, keep them sheltered from sleep of mine.


75:  Darkness portends another time, where Easter rabbits cease to swine.  The gerbils ach for lusting cake, ponder no more the deer has sworn.  The rabbits leave, the time has ceased. 


76:  Brought here to another sleep.  Awake this deer this feathered kin.  Time no more, rest now some more.  Where night becomes day and so does the way, the feared cannot play. 


77:  Spoke in arrows the burden narrows.  The raid comes, seasons succumb to the wrath laid upon beaches throne. 

78:  Letters revive the ancient tongue, slip with guise the party rides.  In casts of gallows the river sleeps, time to rest the more we guess. 


79:  In lovers games the pride does cast, a pleasure reaped for another time.  Sang the monster fear no more. 


Serpenta Azothi

Posted by lam777 at 3:33 PM EDT
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