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Wednesday, 11 June 2008
Free Psychic Readings
Mood:  bright
Topic: Psychic Readings

I am offering free psychic readings, just give me your photo in email and I will email you back with the answer to your various questions.  I hope it helps others. 

Serpenta Azothi

Posted by lam777 at 10:02 PM EDT
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Monday, 23 July 2007
My Occult Research Blog
Topic: General



Posted by lam777 at 3:41 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 17 July 2007
Tarot Spreads Spells
Mood:  hungry
Topic: Tarot



Servitor Creation Spread


1-General Intent

2-Specific Intent

3-Its mindset

4-What it will accomplish

5-Specific conditions

6-Its intial action

7-the final action

8-The final outcome




..... 8.....


Spell Idea spread


1-Spell idea's DNA

3-what it will do

4-What it can do best

5-Environment works best
6-Its effects





Serpenta Azothi

Posted by lam777 at 1:24 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 17 July 2007 1:25 AM EDT
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Monday, 16 July 2007
Chakra's and Runes Correspondence
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Runes

Chakras and Rune Correspondence


Root chakra-Sowilo


Sacral chakra-Ingwaz


Solar plexus chakra-Jera


Heart chakra-Kenaz


Throat chakra-Ansuz


Third eye chakra-Dagaz


Crown chakra-Berkano


Serpenta Azothi

Posted by lam777 at 11:49 PM EDT
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Liber KKK
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: All Magick

Liber KKK

by Peter J. Carroll


Liber KKK is the first, complete, systematic magical training programme for some centuries. It is a definitive replacement for the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, which system has become obsolete due to its monotheist transcendentalism and its dependency on repressive forms of inhibitory gnosis now considered inappropriate.

Liber KKK is presented as a series of general magical techniques which the magician must develop into a workable programme using whatever symbols, instruments and forms of gnosis that appeal to him. It would be inappropriate for a Chaos Magic text to prescribe any particular beliefs or dogmas, except that magic works if certain general principles are followed. It would be inappropriate for any Chaos magician to slavishly adhere to the fine detail of any system. Much can be learnt from Liber KKK in the process of adapting general procedures to personal taste and objectives. Liber KKK may be attempted by any adult. The word "magician" applies equally to either sex and the use of the male personal pronouns in the text is merely a literary convention in the absence of neutral forms in English.

Liber KKK is a series of twenty-five magical operations or "conjurations". The five classical conjurations of Evocation, Divination, Enchantment, Invocation and Illumination are each performed on the five levels of Sorcery, Shamanic Magic, Ritual Magic, Astral Magic and High Magic. Thus the whole work systematically resumes the entire tradition of magical technique, leading the magician from simple practices and the manufacture of tools towards the mastery of more complex experiments on the psychic level.

It is highly desirable that the magician has some form of private temple for his conjurations. Yet it is essential that the magician remains active in the world for the period of the work as a whole. The work does not entail any form of retreat from the world, but rather the world surrounding the magician is used as the proving ground for magic. Thus the business and social affairs of the magician are the prime focus for his magic. In performing that magic he gradually defines his style or spirituality. For it is senseless to define spirituality as other than the way one lives. If the Way of Magic is to have a spiritual component it can only be discovered through the performance, all strictures and exhortations are useless.

There is no upper limit on the time that may be alloted to complete the entire work but it cannot be completed in less than a single year. Any person with the time to complete the operation in less than a year should consider adopting further worldly commitments as arbitrary goals in support of which, various parts of the work can be used. Objective results are the proof of magic, all else is mysticism.

Samples of the Philosophers Stone which do not transmute lead to gold will also fail as elixirs of enlightenment in a lifestyle of risk and uncertainty. The magician may need to consider whether he needs to adopt projects involving these elements before he begins the work.

For the purpose of this operation, the five classical magical acts of Evocation, Divination, Enchantment, Invocation and Illumination are defined as follows:-


Is work with entities which may be naturally occuring or manufactured. They may be regarded as independent spirits, fragments or the magicians subconscious, or the egregores of various species of life form, according to taste and belief structure. In practice Evocation is usually performed for Enchantment, in which the evoked entities are made to create effects on behalf of the magician. Evoked entities also find some application in Divination, when they are used to discover information for the magician.


Includes all those practices in which the magician attempts to extend his perception by magical means.


Includes all those practices in which the magician attempts to impose his will on reality.


Is the deliberate attunement of consciousness and the unconscious with some archetypal or significant nexus of thought. The classical conceptions of Pagan god forms are often used but other principles may serve. Invocation creates states of inspiration or possession during which Enchantment, Divination, or occasionally Evocation, can be performed.


Is deliberate self modification by magic and may include spells of Enchantment cast at oneself to repair weaknesses or increase strengths, and Divination and Invocation performed for inspiration and direction.

Thus all magical operations are based on the use of will, perception and imagination, which is to say that they are all species of Enchantment or Divination. Imagination is that which occurs when will and perception stimulate each other.

The five levels of magical activity, Socercery, Shamanic, Ritual, Astral and High Magic are for the purposes of this operation defined as follows:-


Is simple magic which depends on the occult connections which exist between physical phenomena. Sorcery is a mechanical art which does not require the theory that connection exist between the mind of the operator and the target. Any effects arising from such a connection can, however, be regarded as an added bonus. Workng on the sorcery level the magician creates artifacts, tools and instruments which interact magically with the physical world and which can be used again in more subtle ways on the other levels. The sorcery level work should be performed thoroughly, for simple as its practices seem they are the foundation on which the higher level work rests.


Works on the level of trance, vision, imagination and dream. It opens the magician's subconscious by negating the psychic censor with various techniques. The magician faces considerable danger on this level and may have frequent recourse to sorcery techniques or banishing ritual if it threatens to obsess or overwhelm him.


Combines the abilities developed on the Sorcery and Shamanic levels. The magician brings together the use of tools from the Sorcery level with the subconscious powers liberated on the Shamanic levels and combines their use in a disciplined and controlled fashion.


Is performed by visualisation and altered states of consciousness or gnosis, alone. Physical paraphernalia is not used although the tools and instruments from the previous levels can be used in the form of visualised images. At first the magician will probably require seclusion, silence, darkness and considerable effort at concentration and trance to succeed with such magic, but practice will allow it to be performed anywhere.


Is that which occurs when there is no impediment to the direct magical effect of will, no barrier to direct clairvoyance and prescience, and no seperation between the magician and any form of rapport or consciousness he chooses to enter into. For most people the portals of High Magic are open at a few peak moments in a lifetime. As the magician progresses through his training the momentum he acquires will force open the gates to the miraculous more often. No procedures are given here for the five conjurations of High Magic. High Magic represents the point where technique gives way to intuitive genius and each must intuit the key to unleashing such powers for himself.

The first twenty conjurations teach the full gamut of artificial tricks and techniques for throwing and catching the magical thunderbolt. In High Magic the primordial Chaos at the centre of our being grabs or hurls the thunderbolt by itself.

The five conjurations on each level may be attempted in any order but all five should be completed before beginning on the next level. The magician should prepare to begin the whole operation on a date that is auspicious or personally significant. Perhaps a birthday or a seasonal turning point. A book is prepared in which the magician is to record successes with each of the twenty-five conjurations. Only successful results are noted and the magician must modify his approach to each conjuration until results worthy of recording are achieved. Lesser results may be recorded elsewhere for reference. The record of the Liber KKK operation, however, should contain an account of notable successes with each of the twenty-five conjurations. A single success with each should be regarded as an absolute minimum whilst five successes with each of the twenty-five conjurations can be regarded as thorough work.

With the possible exception of acts of High Magic, all conjurations should be planned in detail beforehand. Upon entering the temple beginning work, the magician should know precisely what he intends to do. Most magicians prefer to write out a rubric for a conjuration even if they rarely use the written form as a cue. The magician will often have to do more than is planned as inspiration and necessity move him. Yet he should never fail to carry out what he has planned or begin work with a vague idea of doing some magic.

The Gnostic Banishing Ritual

During the period of the performance of the Liber KKK operation the magician may need to defend himself against the results of his own mistakes and hostile psychic influences. He may also need to replenish his own health and psychic forces. For these purposes the Gnostic Banishing Ritual may be used. It is a technically compact and powerful conjuration of Ritual Enchantment for all of the above purposes. It may be used freely during the work as a whole and particularly as a prelude and an ending to each of the first fifteen conjurations.

Conjurations One to Five - Sorcery Level Magic

Sorcery depends on exploiting psychic connection between the physical phenomena and only secondarily on establishing psychic connections between mind and physical phenomena. Each of the conjurations requires the use of physical instruments which can be used again on other levels. It is highly desirable that the magician make these instruments by his own hand. However the magician may adapt existing objects for use if such objects are especially significant, or unique artifacts, or designed by the magician, or if such objects become available to the magician in an unusual or meaningful manner. It is no accident that sorcery techniques often resemble certain childhood behaviour patterns. Children often have a natural familiarity with the simple principles of magic even if they lack the persistance or encouragement to make them work. The adult magician is seeking to regain that childlike sense of imagination, fluidity and wishful thinking, and turn it into something of real power.

Conjuration One - Sorcery Evocation

The magician creates with his own hands a physical representation of a fetish entity by carving, moulding or assembly. Its functions are in general to attract success, to protect by repelling misfortune and to act as a reservoir of power for the magician. It is usually shaped to resemble some kind of actual living being or chimerical being whose form suggests its function. If it is vaguely humanoid in shape it is known as a Homunculus. It may be made to contain parts of the magician's body or be annointed with blood or sexual fluids. The magician treats the fetish as a living being, speaking his will to it, commanding it to exert its its influence in his favour and carrying it on his person when on critical errands. Some magicians prefer to make two fetishes, one to implement will, the other to bring knowledge and information.

Conjuration Two - Sorcery Divination

The magician prepares a simple model of the universe for use as a divinatory tool. A set of Rune Sticks or Rune Stones is most excellent for this purpose. Occidental geomancy sticks provide a somewhat simpler model whilst the systems of Tarot or I Ching can prove too complex for later work on the Shamanic levels unless abbreviated in some way. The magician should perform divination both for general trends and for answer to specific questions. The element of the divinatory tool should be treated as having a fairly direct relationship to the parts of reality they represent and the procedures of sortiledge should be regarded as a mirror of the process by which reality takes its decisions. Divinatory activity should be pitched at a frequency and complexity which allows answers to be remembered. It is preferable to divine for phenomena which are likely to confirm or negate the divination within a relatively short time period.

Conjuration Three - Sorcery Enchantment

For the work of the third conjuration the magician may need to prepare or acquire a variety of instruments, but chief amongst these should be a single special tool or magical weapon, for enchantment. A small pointed wand or a knife are especially convenient. This special instrument or weapon can also be usefully employed to trace the pentagrams in the Gnostic Banishing Ritual. A fist sized piece of modelling clay or other plastic material may be the only other instrument required. To perform Sorcery Enchantment the magician makes physical representations of his will and desire. Where possible the magical weapon should be used to help make or manipulate these representations. The magician should perform one or several conjurations of this type per week. As always he should aim to influence events before nature has made her mind up, and he should not put too great a strain on nature by conjuring for highly improbable events.

Conjuration Four - Sorcery Invocation

The aim of the fourth conjuration is to create radical changes in behaviour by temporarily altering the environment. There is no limit to the variation of experience the magician may wish to arrange for himself. He might, for example, after some careful background research, depart in disguise to some strange place and play out a completely new social role. Alternatively, he may wish to equip his temple and himself in such a way that he experiences being an ancient Egyptian god for a time. In Sorcery Evocation the magician tests to the limit his ability to create arbitrary change by modifying his environment and his behaviour.

Conjuration Five - Sorcery Illumination

In works of Illumination the magician aims for self improvement in some precisely defined and specific way. Grandiose plans for spiritual enlightenment should be abandoned in favour of identifying and overcoming the more obvious weaknesses and increasing existing strengths. For the work of Illumination the magician makes or acquires some object to represent his quest as a whole. This objects is technically known as a "lamp" although it may take the form of anything from a ring to a mandala. The "lamp" is used as a basis over which to proclaim various oaths and resolutions. Such oaths and resolutions may also be marked onto the design of the lamp. The magician may need to perform various supplementary acts of invocation, enchantment, divination and even evocation to make progress with the work of illumination. It is not unusual for the magician to destroy and rebuild the lamp during the work of illumination.

Conjurations Six to Ten - Shamanic Level Magic

Shamanic Magic depends on the use of altered states of consciousness in which active visualistation and passive vision seeking can most easily occur. The altered states which are easiest and safest to access are those of half- sleep, dream and light trances brought on by quiet meditation. However, any method of Gnosis can be used according to taste, but in initial exercises it is wise to avoid certain dangerous and ecstatic practices which can lead to a loss of control. In general it is preferable to try and deepen the trance by concentrating on visualisation and vision than to deepen it by extreme Gnosis beforehand. In Shamanic Magic the magician is seeking to discover and establish connections between his mental imagery and phenomena in the world. Visions frequently occur in symbolic language, thus for example, diseases take on the appearance of insects or loathsome animals, and fears or desires may appear as spirits. The magician or shaman should deal with such things as the images in which they present themselves, banishing or invoking such forms by force of visualisation and interpreting their physical meaning where necessary. Shamanic magic tends to become a very idiosyncratic and free form exercise in which the magician also explores his symbol synthesising faculties.

Conjuration Six - Shamanic Evocation

In this work the magician strives to establish a vision of an entity which he projects to do his bidding. It is often useful to work with the visualised forms of the entities used for the sorcery evocation although other forms can be chosen. In general, entities are used to encourage desired events to materialise, or to seek out information, in situations which are too complex for simple spells or divinations to be formulated. Entities act as semi- intelligent spells with a limited degree of independent action. The magician seeks to build an increasing rapport with the entities he has conjured by imagination until they begin to have real effect upon the world. Some of the best work with entities can often best be achieved by interacting with them in dreams.

Conjuration Seven - Shamanic Divination

In Shamanic Magic divination consists of a vision quest for answers to particular questions. However, the traditional term "vision quest" should be understood to include a quest for an answer sensed in any way, be it hallucinatory voices, tactile sensation or whatever. In general the magician concentrates on the question he wishes to put as he enters his state of dream, half-sleep or trance and then allows a flow of images, voices or other sensations to arise within himself. A completely free form vision can be attempted and later interpreted, or the magician may attempt to structure his experience by looking for special symbols, particularly those chosen for the sorcery divination work.

Conjuration Eight - Shamanic Enchantment

In Shamanic Enchantment the magician seeks to impress his will upon the world by a direct or symbolic visualization of his desire. Thus whilst in his chosen form of trance he summons up an image of the target phenomena and visualises his desire coming to pass. The magician will often find it helpful to visualise himself in the spirit vision travelling to the person or situation he wishes to influence. He then visualises an imaginative enactment during which the situation or the person's behaviour changes to fit his desire. It is not unusual for the visualisation to become somewhat symbolic or distorted or coloured by the magician's imagination. In general these distractions should be banished by greater concentration on the desired visualisation. However, if they are persistent they may reveal some knowledge about the target or the magician's relationship to it which he can use to improve his enchantment. For example, if a target person repeatedly appears to have some kind of aura or animal form in a vision it is often best to work ones visualisation directly upon this. Similarly, if a target situation seems to have some kind of characteristic vibration or "feel" about it in the spirit vision then the magician will often succeed by spirit vision then the magician will often succeed by working his magic upon a visualisation of this rather than of the actual substance of the situation.

Conjuration Nine - Shamanic Invocation

In Shamanic Invocation the magician draws knowledge and power from Atavisms, normally animal atavisms. A number of ingenious explanations exist as to why such experiences are possible. The human genetic code contains a huge amount of apparently unused information. Much of this must relate to our evolutionary history. The human brain has developed by a process of accretion rather than by complete modification. The older parts of our brain contain circuits and programs identical with those in other animals. Some magicians consider that the psychic part of humans is built up from the psychic debris of many past beings including animals, in much the same way as the physical body is. Others consider that the collective psyches of the various animal species is available to them telepathically.

To perform Shamanic Invocation the magician strives from some kind of possession by an animal atavism. The selection of a particular animal form is a very person matter. It may be that the magician has had some affinity with a particular animal since childhood, or has some characteristic, physical or mental, which suggests an animal, or it may be that an intuition builds up or that a sudden visionary revelation occurs. To develop the invocation the magician should try to visualise himself in animal form whilst in trance and even to project himself in astral travel as an animal. It is often useful to physically act out the behaviour of the animal in a suitable environment. With practice, varying degrees of split consciousness can be achieved in which it is possible for the magician to interrogate his atavism upon matters it understands and to ask it to provide him with such of its powers as his physical or astral bodies can support.

Conjuration Ten - Shamanic Illumination

The so called medicine journey of Shamanic Illumination is a quest for self-knowledge, self renewal or self improvement. It can take many forms. Traditionally it often takes the form of a death and rebirth experience in which the magician visualises his own death and dismemberment of his body followed by a rebuilding of his body and "spirit" and a rebirth. Sometimes this process is accompanied by physical privations such as sleeplessness, fasting and pain to deepen trance. Another method is to conduct a series of visionary journeys summoning up the so called "spirits" of natural phenomena, animals, plants and stones and asking them to yield knowledge. The simplest method of all is to retire for some days to a wild and secluded place far from the habitations of men and there to conduct a complete review of one's life up to that point, and also of one's future expectations.

Conjurations Eleven to Fifteen - Ritual Magic

In ritual magic, the physical use of magical instruments is combined with altered states of consciousness in a series of structured ceremonies. You, the magician, also begin to incorporate certain magical theories into the design of your work to make it more precise and effective. In particular, you should seek to broaden your use of trance by using various techniques of gnosis. This has the effect of bringing the unconscious parts of the mind, which actually do the magic, more fully into play. In ritual magic, considerable use is made of various systems of symbolic correspondence, analogical thinking, and sigils. These are used to communicate with the unconscious and to preoccupy the conscious mind while magic is being worked.

Ritual magic is always structured as an indirect approach to desire on the conscious level. The ritual magician never works with a direct representation or visualization of what he or she wants, but rather with some sigil or symbolic analogy which in a gnostic state stimulates actual desire in the unconscious.

Conjuration Eleven - Ritual Evocation

For ritual evocation, magicians may choose to continue using the entity forms employed in the sorcery or shamanic levels or may wish to experiment with traditional forms from the classical grimoires of spirits. Alternatively they may attempt to build up their own entity forms. Tradition has it that a magician should not seek to maintain more than four entities at the same time, and in practice this seems a good rule of thumb. In ritual evocation a material basis is always used even if this is merely a graphic sigil on paper. In the initial evocations, the magician builds up a strong visualized image of the entity using full gnosis. In subsequent evocations, you address various commands and directions to the material basis of the entity or else seek to receive information from it. The material basis should be handled ritually and while in a gnostic state whenever possible. When not in use, it should be concealed.

Conjuration Twelve - Ritual Divination

In ritual divination some kind of physical instrument is manipulated to give a symbolic or analogical answer while in a state of gnosis. Deep states of gnosis tend to preclude the use of complex divinatory instruments such as the Kabbala or I Ching for many people. Others may find that very simple systems such as bone casting tend to yield too little information for this kind of work, while systems of intermediate complexity such as runes, tarot or occidental geomancy are often most useful. Before the divination, the magician should ritually charge the divinatory instrument with a sigil or analogical representation of the question. The divinatory selection is then made under gnosis. The interpretation may be made under gnosis also or on return to ordinary consciousness.

Conjuration Thirteen - Ritual Enchantment

For ritual enchantment, the magician may well choose to use the special instrument of enchantment from the sorcery level work, unless particularly inspired to create a better tool. The instrument of enchantment or "magical weapon" is used to trace sigils in the air, and also where possible in the manufacture and manipulation of various spells. All ritual enchantments depend upon the use of some kind of spell to occupy and bypass the conscious mind and bring the more powerful unconscious into action. A spell can consist of virtually anything from the manufacture and consecration of a sigil, to the manipulation of wax images, or a ritual enactment of some analogy of desire. In all cases, the magician must use gnosis and concentration upon the spell itself, rather than the desire it represents to work effective enchantments.

Conjuration Fourteen - Ritual Invocation

In ritual invocation, you, the magician seek to saturate your senses with experiences corresponding to, or symbolic of, some particular quality you wish to invoke. Thus you may dress your temple and person with colors, smells, symbols, numbers, stones, plants, metals, and sounds corresponding to that which is to be invoked. You also adapt your behaviour, thoughts, and visualizations while in gnosis in an attempt to become possessed by what you invoke. In practice, the classical god-forms are frequently used as the pagan pantheons offer a spectrum of qualities resuming the whole of psychology. You should not confine yourself to invoking only those qualities for which you have a personal sympathy. Any particularly successful invocation should be followed by an invocation of quite different qualities at some later time. A thorough program of ritual invocation should encompass success with at least five completely different invocations.

Conjuration Fifteen - Ritual Illumination

In Ritual Illumination the magician applies various ritual acts of divination, enchantment, evocation and invocation to himself for self improvement. As with all acts of illumination the changes attempted should be specific rather than vague and general. The magician may find it useful to prepare a more elaborate "lamp" perhaps in the form of a mandala representing his self or soul for this conjuration. One effect of ritual illumination is often to force the magician to choose between Atman and Anatta. If he works within the paradigm of Anatta, the hypothesis of no-soul, then illumination is a matter of the addition or the deletion of certain patterns of thought and behaviour. If the magician works within the paradigm of Atman, the doctrine of personal soul, or Holy Guardian Angel, then he faces a more complex, dangerous and confusing situation. If a personal soul is presumed to exist but without a true will then the atman magician can proceed as if he were an Anattaist. If a true will is presumed to exist then the conjuration must be directed towards its discovery and implementation. The author has avoided treading too far along this path but has observed the process go spectacularly wrong in numerous cases. Those who wish to attempt it are counselled to avoid accepting as true will, anything which conflicts radically with ordinary commonsense or "lower will", as it is disparity called in this paradigm.

Conjurations Sixteen to Twenty - Astral Magic

Astral Magic is Ritual Magic performed entirely on the plane of visualisation and imagination. Unlike Shamanic Magic where a fairly free form use of images and visions is explored, this magic requires the precise and accurate visualisation of an internal landscape. In this landscape the magician carries out processes designed to bring him knowledge of the ordinary world or to change the world or himself. Astral Magic has to be approached with at least as much preparation and effort as it put into ritual magic or else it can tend to become a brief series of excursions around the imagination to little magical effect. Properly performed, it can be a source of extraordinary power and it has the advantage of requiring no physical equipment. Astral Magic is usually begun in some quiet secluded place whilst the magician is comfortably seated or couched with closed eyes. There may be few outward signs that anything is happening apart from perhaps a variation in breathing rates or posture or facial expressions as the magician enters gnosis.

To prepare for Astral Magic a temple or series of temples needs to be erected on the plane of visualised imagination. Such temples can take any convenient form although some magicians prefer to work with an exact simulacrum of their physical temple. The astral temple is visualised in fine detail and should contain all the equipment required for ritual or at least cupboards where any required instruments can be found. Any objects visualised into the temple shold always remain there for subsequent inspection unless specifically dissolved or removed. The most important object in the temple is the magician's image of himself working in it. At first it may seem that he is merely manipulating a puppet of himself in the temple but with persistence this should give way to a feeling of actually being there.

Before beginning Astral Magic proper, the required temple and instruments together with an image of the magician moving about in it should be built up by a repeated series of visualisations until all the details are perfect. Only when this is complete should the magician begin to use the temple. Each conjuration that is performed should be planned in advance with the same attention to detail as in Ritual Magic. The various acts of astral evocation, divination, enchantment, invocation and illumination take on a similar general form to the acts of Ritual Magic which the magician adapts for astral work.

Conjurations Twenty One to Twenty Five - High Magic

All the techniques of magic are really just so many ways of tricking some indefinable parts of ourselves into performing magic. The universe is basically a magical structure and we are all capable of magic. The really useful theories of magic are those which explain why magic tends to work so erratically and why we have such enormous inhibitions about believing in it, making it work, and recognising that it has worked. It is as if the universe has cast a spell upon us to convince us we are not magicians. However, this spell is rather a playful cosmic joke. The universe challenges us to shatter the illusion by leaving a few cracks in it.

No details are presented for the five conjurations of High Magic, nor can they be given, the reader is referred back to the remarks made on them in the introduction. The magician must rely on the momentum of his work in sorcery, shamanism, ritual and astral magics to carry him into the domain of high magic where he evolves his own tricks and empty handed techniques for spontaneously liberating the chaotic creativity within.


Posted by lam777 at 4:36 PM EDT
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Saturday, 14 July 2007
Aura Colors
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: Healing

Aura Colors

Most of the info is from Edain McCoy, Llewelyn's Magickal Almanac

Most magical folk are familiar with the aura, the field of light energy that surrounds the human body, and know that it can be read to determine disposition, character, or illness.
What many do not know is that the aura can be temporarily programmed to reflect the color of your choosing. This is done for a variety of magical and mundane needs, such as helping alter your mood, giving you a boost of energy, or projecting a desired image to others. Even people who are not psychic, and who vehemently do not believe in the existence of the aura, unconsciously pick up on the color changes if you project them strongly enough. To alter your auric color, close your eyes, relax, and allow yourself to feel grounded and centered. As you do this, focus on the color you want to project, then begin to feel the core of energy at the center of your being expanding as this color.
Keep up this visualization for about five minutes, or until you feel that you have sufficiently colored the light field around you. The results will be temporary and, depending on how much energy, and how far you are deviating from your natural auric color, the effect should last between twenty and sixty minutes.

Red: Project red when you need a boost of energy, when you want to let off steam, or are preparing for an athletic event. Keep in mind that others may perceive a red aura as stress or anger.

Bright pink - it's the color of lust or seduction.

Dusty pink - it reflects immaturity.

Pink - it's the color of Universal Love. Project pink for peacefulness, when trying to stir up a romance, or when you wish to appear non-threatening.

Scarlet red - It reflects an egocentric personality.

Orange: Project orange to attract attention to yourself, or when you need a boost of energy but do not feel you can handle the intensity of
red. In general orange represents the balance of mental and physical states.

Apricot - it represents gentle expressions.

Orange-red - it reflects a weak will.

Orange-yellow - it reflects excessive thinking.

Yellow: Project yellow when you need to bolster your creative self or
when you are deep into intellectual pursuits, such as studying for an exam. Others who sense the yellow aura will likely view you as being very smart.

In general yellow represents the intellect of a person.

Butter - it reflects that a person is mentally focused on a problem.

Golden yellow - it reflects the evolvement of the mind to a higher level of awareness.

Mustard - this color represents the mind games that a person plays in order to deceive others. It's normally around lime color.

Pale yellow - it reflects that a person is a dreamer with no results.

Primrose yellow - it indicates new learning.

Green: Project Green when you need a calming influence. The color sense will be picked up by others around you, and you may find that you not only calm yourself, but your entire environment as well. Try on a green aura when you are gardening to help you merge with the energies of the plants.

Apple green - it's the healing force of a new life.

Bright green - it represents the friendly nature of a person.

Dark green - it reflects mental stress.

Emerald green - it indicates a release of stress through practical

Jade - it's the color of charity and self-sacrifice.

Lime - it's the color of a deceitful person.

Olive gree - it reflects the distrust that a person has.

Sage - It indicates spiritual growth through the awareness of other realities.

Blue: Project blue when you are attempting any spiritual pursuit or when you suffer from insomnia. Those with blue auras are preceived by othes as being balanced and selfless people, impressions that make this is a good color to work with when applying for a job in a service-oriented industry.

Indigo - it's the color of psychic abilities. Project this blue-violet when attempting any psychic work. Others who perceive this color will see you as being dreamy and not completely "with it." Avoid indigo when on the job hunt or any other time when you need to appear competent.

Navy blue - it indicates an evaluation of ethics.

Pale blue - it's the color representing energized emotions or imagination.

Sky blue - it represents the unconscious intuition that a person has.

Purple:Those who pick up on your purple aura think of you as a person of intense emotion--ever hear of a purple passion?

Imperial purple - it's the color of Spiritual Awakening.

Lavender - it's the color of developing psychic abilities.

Lilac - it's the color of spiritual balance.

Magenta - it's the color of adaptation and/or integration. Mauve - it's the color of humility.

Violet - it's the color of Spiritual Wisdom. Project violet when attempting to heal yourself or others, or when you are working with visualization to ward off a bad habit.

Peach: Project peach when you want to turn your attention outward to other matters. This can be useful to help overcome depression or when you need to put aside an issue for a while and let things work themselves out. Peach auras are perceived by others as being compassionate, making this is a good color for health care professionals to use when dealing with difficult patients.

Brown: Project a brown aura when you are working earth magic or magic for animals. Be aware that others sense brown as being dull-witted and even untrustworthy, so avoid carrying them into the workplace or anywhere else where first impressions matter.

Amber - it shows the courage that a person has when being tested.

Brown orange - it represents careless attitude.

Copper - it indicates a connection with the earth's minerals.

Chocolate brown - it denotes an affinity with Nature.

Dark brown - it reflects common sense.

Black: If it appears in various layers of the aura, it can indicate damage to either the emotions, self-esteem or organs.

Grey: This color normally represents depression, which is a suffocation of energy.

White: Project white when you want to go unnoticed. White appears very neutral to the psychic eye as it tends to camouflage itself against the other energy fields that surround us. It is sometimes even hard for trained psychics to pick up on white auras. It represents the purification of the mind, body and spirit.

Gold: The color of success in one or more areas of life. Dark gold shows greed, while a pale, beautiful gold indicates a growing awareness of the person's right to be successful. It is the color of the highest degree of evolvement. This color is used in representing holy people such as Buddha, Jesus Christ, saints and others. It is said that when a child is born it has a golden halo as the child hasn't yet been influenced by any man-made doctrine.

Silver: It represents the guide energy from higher entities such as Spirit Guides.

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Tarot Spell Correspondences
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Topic: Tarot

Tarot Spell Correspondences



Banishing Spells

Cards you would use:

Death (primary banishment card)
Ace of Swords (Helps release)
Ten of Swords (The final card used in banishment)

Extra items to add to the spell:

Candle color: Black
Herb type: Cloves
Stone: Hematite
Rune: Thurisaz
God/dess: Hecate

Binding Spells

Cards you may need:

The Devil (This is the only card for binding)
The Chariot (Used to direct the binding spell)
A significator (Used for a particular person to be bound)

Extra items to be added to the spell

Candle color: Black
Herb: Garden Nightshade
Stone: Black Onyx
Rune: Raido
God/dess: Hecate

Communication Spells

Empress (Primary communication card)
Three of Coins (used only if concerning health and or money)
Ace of Wands (used to push the communication forward)

Extra items to add to the spell:

Candle color: Yellow
Herb: Dandelion
Stone: Quartz Crystal
Rune: Gebo, Laguz
God/dess: Hermes

Dream Spells

The Moon (Main dream card)
The Magician (used for being more aware)
The High Priestess (used for prophecy with dreams)
Six of Cups (used to learn how to remember dreams better)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Blue,
Herb: Rosemary
Stone: Opal-used for dreaming of past lives, Red Jasper-recalling dreams
Rune: Laguz
God/dess: Morpheous

Emotion Spells

Cards needed:

Nine of Swords (This card represents depression)
Eight of Cups (Helps to release depression)
Four of Cups (Releases negative emotions)
Temperance (Used to keep harmony, and also to purify emotions)
The Fool (The freedom card, to be free of depression, negative emotions and such)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Blue
Herb: Chamomile
Stone: Unakite, or Opal
Rune: Wunjo
God/dess: Selene


Spells for Friendship

Cards you may need:

The Star (Main card of friendship)
The Chariot (initializes spell) or
Eight of Wands (forward movement of making friends)
Three of Cups (Card to have a gathering of friends)

Extra items to add to the spell:

Candle color: Pink
Herb: Sun Flower
Stone: Rose Quartz
Rune: Ehwaz
God/dess: Hathor

Glamour Spells

Cards you may need:

Significator card (Card that represents you)
Seven of Cups (Used to caste a glamour, to change your looks, etc…)
Strength (Used to attract a certain image)
Six of Wands (Optional card to use meaning, to control the will)

Extra items to add to the spell:

Candle color: Silver
Herb: Mix just Caraway and Thyme
Stone: Amethyst
Rune: Laguz
God/dess: Epona

Healing Spells

Cards you may need:

The Sun (Main card for health)
Four of Wands (To help prolong good health)
Seven of Coins (To maintain health)
Ten of Coins (To be healthy in the end)


Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Green or blue
Herb: Garlic
Stone: Carnelian
Rune: Uruz
God/dess: Isis

Inspiration Spells

Cards you may need:

The Tower (Main card for inspiration)
The Empress (A card to enhance inspiration through creativity)
Ace of Wands (To initialize)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Blue
Herb: Lavender
Stone: Amethyst
Rune: Sowilo
God/dess: The Muses

Justice Spells

Cards you may need:

Justice (Main card for Justice)
Eight of Wands (Overcoming obstacles)
Ten of Wands (Positively ending someone's bane with justice)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Black
Herb: Garden Nightshade
Stone: Onyx
Rune: Tiwaz
God/dess: Maat




Karma Spells (return bad energy to the source of it)

Cards you may need:

Hierophant (Main karma card)
Strength (Used to repel magick)
Devil (Used to release the negativity)
Chariot (Used to direct the energy)
Death (Banishes and ends evil)
Optional: Significator card for intended person

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle colors: Indigo
Herb: Marigold
Stone: Red Jasper
Rune: Tiwaz
God/dess: Nemesis

Love Spells

Cards you may need:

The Lovers (Main card of the love concept)
Ace of Cups (To have a new lover)
Two of Cups (To get married, or to become engaged)
Ten of Cups (To be happy with a new lover, or current one)
Five of Cups (To represent a torn relationship)
Eight of Cups (To leave behind a lover, and deal with it)
Two significators (yourself and the intended, or someone in general, not known that would be good for you.)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Pink, or red (red is more sexual)
Herb: Ginger
Stone: Rose Quartz
Rune: Ehwaz
God/dess: Venus




Money Spells

Cards you may need:

Ace of Coins (Used to have new beginnings with money)
Two of Coins (To receive money from others, gifts)
Four of Coins (Money to buy a house or some property)
Five of Coins (Used to show a situation with no money, being desperate)
Eight of Coins (A push to make money)
Ten of Coins (Used to be financially happy)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Green
Herb: Basil
Stone: Malachite
Rune: Fehu
God/dess: Ops

Past lives Recall Spells

Cards you may need:

The Hierophant (To find your spirit guide to recall past lives)
The High Priestess (Using your intuition to aid to the discovery)
The Magician (Used to be in conjunction with the hierophant to be aware of your spirit guide, and your visions in which you seek)

Extra items to use with the spell

Candle Color: Purple
Herb: Bay Leaf
Stone: Opal
Rune: Perth
God/dess: Arianrhod

Protection Spells

Cards you may need

Nine of Wands (General protection)
Four of Wands (To have the protection last)
Five of Coins ( To be used to show a situation of homelessness, lack of money, and job, and used in conjunction with the Nine of Wands)
Three of Swords (To show a situation of betrayal and cheating, conflicts and love triangles)
Five of Swords (To show a situation of losing friends, and unstable behavior from others)
Seven of Swords (To show a situation of lies, difficulties in relationships, and basic trouble)

Extra items to use in the spell

Candle color: White, and blue
Herb: Anise
Stone: Snowflake Obsidian
Rune: Algiz
God/dess: Hecate

Psychic Spells

Cards you may need:

The Hierophant (Basic card of psychic abilities, used as a starter to your spell)
The High Priestess (To gain secret knowledge, to enter the subconscious, and to heighten your intuition)
The Hermit (Used for spiritual quests, unlocking doorways to the astral)
The Moon (Reaching out to the unknown making it known)
The Chariot (Astral traveling)
Judgement (To find the truth using psychic means, use with other cards)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle colors: Purple
Herb: Thyme
Stone: Amethyst
Rune: Perth
God/dess: Odin

Discovering Secrets Spells

Cards you may use:

The High Priestess (Main card used to uncover secrets)
The Sun (Card to find out if the secrets are true)
Judgement (Same as above)
Six of Wands (Using your power to direct the way to find out what the secret is)
Seven of Wands (Used to help move forward your will to the outcome)

Extra items to add to the spell
None known to me.

Study Spells

Cards you may need:

The Sun (Used to help achieve your goal)
Three of Wands (To mentally grow while studying)
Eight of Wands (Used to overcome obstacles during study)
Nine of Cups (Helps add some self-confidence)

Extra items to add to the spell

Candle color: Yellow
Herb: Caraway
Stone: Use all of the following: Desert rose, Hematite, Tigers eye
Rune: Gebo
God/dess: Cerridwen

Truth Spells

Cards you may need:

The Sun (Used to find the truth)
The Emperor (More aggressive way to find the truth)
The Devil (Used to find the truth)
The Star (Used to find the truth)
The Chariot (Is used to propel the energy to finding the truth)
Seven of Swords (This represents the lie if any regarding the search for the truth)
Eight of Wands (To overcome anything in the way to find the truth)
The World (Represents the outcome of successfully finding the truth)

Extra items to add to spell

Candle color: Blue
Herb: None known
Stone: Tigers Eye
Rune: Kenaz
God/dess: Maat

Wish Spells

Cards you may use:

Nine of Cups (This card is the only one used for wishes)
Ace of Wands (Energy used to send out the wish)

Extra items to use in the spell
Candle color: White with purple, (purple makes the wish manifest quicker)
Herb: Ginseng
Stone: Geodes
Rune: None
God/dess: None

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Magical Creatures
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 Magical Creatures Attributes

Sin-you: Detect lying, justice

Winged Sea Unicorn: Control over emotional situations which
could lead to upheavel and negativity

Pegasus: Eloquence, visiting deceased souls

Sleipner: Escaping danger, coming to terms with death

Alsvidr/Arvakr: Keeping cool over stress and pressure

Sileni: To learn past or present, destiny

Jack in the green: Protect woodlands, trees, oak trees, protect wild animals

Firebird: Defeats evil and controlling people

Ruhk: Protection

Hraesvelg: Creating and controlling storms, underworld

Imdugud: Controlling rainstorms, whirlwinds, sandstorms

White Eagle of Zeus: Important messages from the gods, moving to different dimensions, telepathy,
communication with deity and spirit guides

Garuda: Healing, delivering punishment for evil people

Harpies: Wind, storms, thunder and lightning

Sirens: Singing, love spells

Hippogrif: Ride between worlds

Senmurv: Access to other worlds and magical working

Simurg: Curing all diseases, banishing evil, prophetic and magical powers, wisdom, healing,
communication between this world and another

Minotaur: Supernatural strength, protection

Winged Bull: Extremely powerful, spell working, magick, language, telepathy, psychic powers,
against evil

Akeru: Looking back through time to learn from mistakes made from past lives.

Chimera: To hide fear or anxiety from others, use as last resort

Man-Lion: Defense for religious persecution or harrasment

Sea-Lion: Defense against people who play games with your emotions or mind

Achelous: Oaths, contracts, promises

Horned snake: Cure any illnesses

Nagas; When faced with calamity or hard problems

Rainbow serpant: Rain magick

Serpants of Sheba: Moon magick, working with intense goddess energy

Zaltys: Divine watch dog, prosperity and good luck

Black dog: Bad omen, divine justice on those who escaped punishment

Cerberus: Contact specific departed souls for information and help

Fenris: Harness destructive forces to rid of destructive forces that are
destroying your life

Dogs of the wild hunt: Hunting breakers of spiritual laws, rescue from danger

Benvarrey: Not allowing extreme emotions to be bottled up

Bunyips: Rain

The Lorelei: Learning magical secrets, searching for ancient spiritual knowledge

Melusine: Visions of coming disasters, prosperity, warning of disasters or death

Mer-people(Mermaids, Mermen): Strong protectors especially women, wishes

Merrow: Predicting storms, rain

Nixies: Love spells

Basalisk: Uncovering ancient spiritual secrets

Gargoyle: Protection, guarding, companionship, removing negative events or people
from your life, developing psychic powers, past lives, discovering true purpose in
life, ancient knowledge and teachings

Domovoy: Tarot, rune predictions

Dwarfs: Crystal and gem magick

Elves: Foretelling, herbs, woods, streams, astral love to seek, ancient secrets, and knowledge

Uldra, Huldra folk: Divination, prosperity spells, invisibility, appearing to take the
shape of someone or something else

D.J. Conway

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Dragon Guide
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~Dragon Guide~



“Dragons of the Elements




Air-Mind magick, mental fascinations, wind and weather magick

Thought forms, telepathy, truth magick


Fire-Creating beings to life, force behind a spell, change, action, fears, lightening and harmful fire, truth magick


Water-Psy-magick, psychic powers, emotions and empathy, visions and or premonitions, prophecy, channeling, threatening rain storms


Earth- manifestations temporal/astral, time magick, the seed to create life, fertility, Faery magicks, nature magicks, tree power etc.


Dragons of light-Becoming one with all of the universe in and out, truth magick, spiritual oneness and attainment, creation of anything, wish magick, guide of psychic power developmentally, karma balancing


Dragons of the Darkness-Astrological help, banishing negative magick or situations/events, repelling evil and dark powers, protection, seeking the truth in the darkness, manipulating psychic transmissions from evil beings to create a more positive situation


Dragons of the Seas and Various Waters-emotional control magick, directing course of magick through a balanced pathway to have a more calm outcome, or if more serious issue, to get past waves of a rocky nature, breaking barriers that are emotional and psychic in nature.  Magic to get out of emotional controlling relationships to find peace and calm in the long run, dissolution of dangerous events, glamour, illusions


Dragons of the Mountains and Forests-Long lasting issues, long range goals, magical endurance, physical strength in dire situations, manifestations, nature magicks, powers of the trees, protective magick, especially of nature,


Dragons of Wind Storm and Weather-Controlling weather, movement of magick spells and concerns, desires, creative inspirations, sharpening the mind, muse like inspirations, forward movement and ridding of obstacles be it magical, emotional, psychic, or mental. Mind manipulation fascinations, glamour, illusions, trickery and confusion


Dragons of Desert and Arid Regions-Prosperity magick, prosperity in the range from mental, physical, psychic, magical, emotional, manifestations on a grand or pretty large scale, dries up situations that are negative, removes obstacles by drying up parts of enemies magical reserve or mundane in anyway they choose


Dragons of Fire and Volcanoes-Destructive magick when needed for a serious magical or mundane situation, burns enemies motives to ashes, removes obstacles with great force, if not used properly the dragons will find any path possible to get your final outcome, expect it to be grand, domino effects ripples through events spreads like burning wrath to outcome, removes obstacles and barriers


Dragons of Chaos and Destruction- Dissolves problems and sweep away negative and troublesome people, or astral beings, create mega changes through destroying the old for the new, chaotic thoughts induced in an enemy, They will aid you in anything in a big way, drives past your view of the situation or people and go straight to the heart of the issue/event/person etc.  Be it magical or mundane, recreates lives for the better or the worse, also situations events, etc. Breaks all sorts of barriers, vast changes, reversals of fortune good or bane, past life issues, divination, confining others that harm you or situations, events, chaotic forces that sweep away your very consciousness, release of former and recreates a new one, letting go of the past and dealing with pain and sorrow

“Zodiac Dragons”

Energetic, impatient, short tempered, sarcastic, witty, lucky, demanding, cutting, egocentric, adventuresome, feisty

Patient, loyal, emotionally stable, stubborn, practical, dependable, organized, materialistic, possessive, plodding, sweet, calm, determined, secure

Versatile, fickle, curious, high strung, flirty, changeable, anxious, petty, superficial, and communicative

Caring, nurturing, moody, clinging, dependent, lazy, retentive memory, receptive, changeable, sensitive, pack rat, emotional, over protective money oriented, messy

Positive, optimistic, warm, dogmatic, organizational, hardworking, persistent, dramatic, colorful, generous, arrogant, inspiring, performer

Neat, fussy, conservative, efficient, studious, retiring, worrier, practical, logical, dependable, analytical, workaholic

Refined, diplomatic, vacillating, vain, social, just, artistic, gentle, tactful, gracious, peace loving

Secretive, intelligent, psychic, manipulative, passionate, stubborn, well organized, deceitful, resourceful, vindictive, tenacious, methodical

Outspoken, freedom loving, independent, warm, outgoing, spiritually oriented, opportunist, inspiring

Rigid, practical, loner, managerial, persistent, opinionated, sarcastic sense of humor, prudent, efficient, miserly, cold, pessimistic, patient, Ambitious, ruthless

Perceptive, temperamental, organized, erratic, cool, detached, ingenious, goal oriented, insightful, outgoing, unconventional, self expressive

Refined, shrewd, impractical, nagging, unstable, co artist, impressionable, compassionate, escapist or drifter, paranoiac, dreamer, intuitive

“Planetary Dragons”

Health, healing, confidence, hope, prosperity, money, success, promotion, friendship, alerts nature, power of the elements, manifestation, weaknesses and fears

Travel, visions, divination, dreams, magick, love, home, medicine, luck, birth, time, theft, emotions, gateway of psychic powers and realms, lost things and people

Intellect, memory, creativity, predictions, speed, speech, writing, poetry, inspiration, improvement of mind power, message of wisdom, ancient travel, trickster, communication telepathically or speech, divination

Love, marriage, friendship, pleasure, beauty, artistic abilities, imagination, fertility, sex, children, money, crystal magick, detect evil in area

Energy, courage, conflict, death, physical strength, opposition, defense, endurance

Honor, riches, health, friendships, the hearts desires, luck, religion, employment, legal matters, past life memories all lives will and had, truth, pets, transfiguration

Knowledge, familiars, death, reincarnation, binding, overcoming curses, protection, retribution, responsibilities, banish, karma, manifestations, time manipulation, prisons, make place unscryable and untraceable from outside sources




D.J. Conway

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Memetic Virus Theory
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Topic: All Magick

Memetic Virus Theory



Extract from the cultural universal mind a virus, or bind one to the person, situation, or object.


The creation of a new virus from the cultural universal mind without the willed casting


Spontanously memetic genesis- At the same time virus are created


Virus created and willed through the manipulation as virus in the cultural universal mind to create a complex virus defining the virus form.


This virus structure was put into the cultural universal mind


Virus must be created and programmed to act within the virus programming in question.


In creating a virus in the cultural universal mind this created virus must create other viruses to maintain the virus’s desired end.


The virus in the cultural universal mind will control other people or things or events.


A person can affect change in whatever by creating thought viruses which spread and infect, teach, and replicate throughout the world.


Any virus manipulating the cultural universal mind which results in new virus structures is an example of FASHIONED MEMETIC GENESIS Creating a new virus.


People can create viruses and charge them into the cultural universal mind with the intent of the viruses programming, must be correctly charged.


Try to cast viruses that have a sympathetic intent in order to manipulate.


A category of a virus intent that is powerful that a virus seeks to replicate into uninfected minds.


Attack virus memes are created to attack someone or the cultural mind.


The virus structure is an aggressive virus which attempts to subdue threats in the most effective manner.


The cultural mind and the viruses manifesting are at war between viruses.


Defensive memes-virus- are created to block or divert the activity of other viruses.


Virus mutation-


When viruses are released, the virus takes on a life of their own.  The person can create a virus with certain attributes intended to protect a virus from seen an unforeseen viral influence, but will have little control over how a created virus reacts once its been charged and put into position to act.  If the creator of the virus creates a high quality sturdy virus it should withstand the attacks of other viruses and accomplish its purpose.  If the creator of the virus leaves a weakness in the virus it could be exploited by pre-existing viruses residing in the cultural mind.  Unforeseen viruses linking to created viruses can cause the virus to mutate into new virus which then affects the cultural mindset in unusual and unanticipated ways.


Virus structures like atoms bind to receptive points of the edges of other viruses.  If a person wishes to create a virus unlikely to mutate, they must make certain to create a virus with as few receptive points as possible.


Viruses become viruses because the individual virus, which constitute the parts of the whole are able to bind to one another.  The virus nature is to bind with other viruses to create more complex thought/virus entities.


A person can create viruses shielded from the influence of foreign virus types, this shielding can always be bypassed by the invading virus possessing the proper characteristics.


A created virus with strong defensive walls should be able to withstand attacks from other viruses over long periods of time, remaining to uphold the virus’s intent.


Viruses could be created by attracting other viruses and incorporating those viruses into the original virus.  A skilled virus creator could create a virus framework with open binding ports into which other viruses can be absorbed.


For replication to occur dealing with viruses, it must bind itself to another, and mate or copy.


If a person wants to make a great change to the world, it must affect many.  By binding his created virus onto an existing virus that has been successfully effective, it needs to be implanted.







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