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Tarot Mythology

1- Magician- The revealer, and scribe, historian, lord of the divine word, messenger, messenger of the sun, the lighting of the pathway of the sun, the aid, the guide, the watcher, to guard the way, sun guide, announcer of the great work, announcer of the sun and to get going, a herald of light for the rebirth and changes, embalmer and keep of the gates, giver of knowledge and interpreter of gods messages, keeper of records of the law, secrets of wisdom and knowledge and words/numbers, sons of the dragon, the message of the serpents, caduceus with rod which the rod is mercury, ibis bird is a stork on the star card, bringer of the light, conductor of the souls to the new world, tricks the profane from the light

2- High priestess- two women of Virgo, role of light and darkness, as above so below, divine sisters, two divine brothers, Cain and Abel, as earth as its in heaven, the old earth the new earth, male-female, sunrise, sunset, giver of life and death, initiation, the disposer of being on this earth, eve the first woman, the tree of life, net or the veil sifts through to find the initiates, discards the undesired, the net is represented by fishing, bore the sun, the light born, the high priestess or Isis veil only pierced through by strength card or Neptune the 11 the serpent force and being godlike lifts it and sees past it, she represents silence and the lord of the unseen world, Lucifer is her,

3- Empress- word of god, represents the abyss or the astral, covenant of earth and heaven, the north, great fish, place of emergence, Hathor, two fishes, mother and child and the child holding a rod of iron of the emperor, the begetter or bringer forth of feminine, nurse of the emperor, water and the lotus of hathor the new earths law, temple of the living god, the dove and its word, wet nurse, the empress is the same women as the star card, Venus is the star in the star card, the ship of the north meaning the vehicle of the passage to a new world in the north, Noah's ark, the golden calf,

4- Emperor- lord of the gods, raiser and separator of the heavens from earth, the bringer forth of the law, the conductor, a commander, fulfills the circle of time, the setting of the sun, the four elements, the light of the sun which points to the invisible sun, law givers, regulator, twin lion god which shows the law of the old sun and that of the new, the lion goddesses represent two eyes; the left is south the old sun, the right the new sun, the enders of the journey of the sun and its conductor, supporter of the sun, two feather of light and shade means old sun and new sun, a warrior, portrayed as an ass the beginning and ending of cycles, the sun being pulled by the ass on its head is the sun in between two ears of the ass, war and life and death, production and destruction, slaughter and blood shed

5- Hierophant- Ruler of men on earth, created man, an egg layer of earth and the universe, earth as a prison, the concept of time=swan, egg, represents a circle, duplicator of time, regulator of action, serpents are time, judgment seat, rainbow is the bow of time, to close a cycle, resurrecting of the sun, fulfillment through a child through cupid and the arrow, nine men or completion of birth, nine is hermit, union of fire and water represented by an iris, or messenger which Iris rules the rainbow, the great work, the serpents identified by rainbows of the tree of life nibbling, heavenly snake, the leader of stars, interpreter of the word, turtle is stood upon representing fire of the world, signal giver, double headed bull is the swallower of the earth that swallows the old sun in the west till the new sun appears in the east

6- Lovers- the twins and their tombs are the pyramids and are oriented to Sirius, two pillars or the two suns, the caduceus and its two serpents on a rod with lotus tips, makes the call of who becomes immortal, the two lion gods, the pillar of heaven and its gates,

7- Chariot- eye of the world, from the sun behind the sun, chariot of the sun, light bringers

8- Justice- the process of the great work, and the judgment of those that are chosen, karmic law and karma is judged, waits till the time it commences, waits till the great work is acted upon then acts by releasing the beginning of the great work, analyses the time is right, like a releaser, waiting force, heart of the great work, is an altar of the north, like claws that grasp the great work, keep things in balance till the right time, the backbone of the great work

9- Hermit-the abyss of nine divisions, for the sun to voyage over the earth a journey to another plane, brass vessels=nurses of god the birth of the voyage=aliens lifting the veil which is basically the shift of reality

10- Wheel of fortune- time keeper, connected with Eden as source of time, laws of time, law of Eden,

11- Strength- Lions represent the sun symbolic of fire, announces who lives, the lives of the initiates entering adeptship from the previous lives which was a preparation, in order to live in the new world,

12- Hanged man- born in affliction, that of darkness, casting out darkness for the light, crossing of the sun, resurrection of the sun behind the sun, darkness defeated, Oannes of the abyss, to sacrifice

13- Death- Garden of Eden, cycle of beginning and endings, Golden harvest, destroyer of time, gate keeper of souls, gate of death and sorrow, the underworld, resurrection, new life to the regenerative souls, giver of fate, regeneration, setting of the old sun in the west, the stinger or hornet, giver of the earths end, the serpent of the world, evolution of the soul

14- Temperance- the serpent force comes to sacrifice the earth, as the serpent force is restoring the new world, restorer of light or the new sun, regenerates what once was, transmutation and redeeming to pure form, shows the direction of the new sun, the two truths of Egypt-the old sun/new sun- male/female- fire/water, like a ship

15- Devil- Bridge to the new world, one card of the abyss, conductor of souls of the initiates, the symbol of mankind and earth, and the forces of the gods, the process of the great work the crocodile represents the death of the old sun, and the arrival of the new one, guardian of the unseen world and protector

16- Tower- Destruction of earth and humans, the minor arcane represents the humankind and their development, and their journey of destruction, devouring mouth, sometimes like crocodiles, the seizer represented by justice card and this card

17- Star- temple of the great unknown god, the water urn, pouring the old sun and the new sun in the earth or Nile river, nourisher of new life, the new sun illuminating the new land, the woman's age pouring out the mans age or disposing of it, the light bringer, torch bearers man and woman

18- The Moon- The force of reincarnation, rules over the moving to another plane, temple of the living god, the womb of the mother, beetles hatch their eggs which is the birth of the great work, represents creation and renewal of the sun, the generator of it, completion of birth, beginning of the new era, the redeemer, reincarnation and immortality

19- The Sun- the completion of the suns journey of this existence, light of the second birth

20- Judgment- father of the souls, judge of the dead, keeper of time, cycles, the end of cycles,

21- World- The word which is earth, great city of god, the revelations of god, the seed of life, stands upon the earth or the turtle, supports the heavens, time cycle, destroyer of earth, the finality of existence, the symbol of mankind and earth, evolution, nature and animal kind

22- Fool- Of the highest heavens, god of all space, the revealer of the not yet manifested source, destruction to rule, brings change