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The Fraternity of the Builders


The three fold construction in the blue lodge of freemasonry is represented by the sacred numbers 3, 5, 7. The 3 is symbolized by 3 large stars in the constellation of Orion, that are particularly linked to the Blue Lodge, that consist of the above numbers of 3, 5, 7; being: Two of these stars are just 3 degrees apart, the other is 1/3 a degree from the other two. They represent the entered apprentices. The Hades near Orion are 5 in number, and represent the fellow craftsman, near by is the Pleiades, 7 in number representing the master mason. The color of the name of the Blue lodge, which is blue, is the Egyptian color of the sun; they used lapis lazuli in their temples to represent Ptah, or Ra.

There are five races, four preceding the current race of man. The first race was ethereal, the second spoke with a chant like voice. The third race was the first race to evolve from a sexless race of divine humans from its inception, to the close of the third race the distinction of sex was manifested. These divine humans created the forth-coming fourth and final fifth race. This third root race, were cyclopean giants that are known as the Nephilim. They were the builders of the great Typhon and her son Sut, the seven stars of the Great Bear, later in solar reckoning they were typified by the seven planets.

These giants were of Lemurian lineage, and when the great upheaval that beset the Lemurian continent, it was destroyed by fire. Which is an allegory that represented the wrath of the Sun god Ptah. Many died in this destruction, those that survived copulated with the fourth race called the Atlanteans, created new giants, of pronounced beauty, smaller and more cultured. The Original giants, the Cyclopean had one eye that is referred to as the third eye. But by the time the atlanteans were created the third eye, which was once visible turned inward, and we know it now as the pineal gland. The one eye is interestingly called by masons the all-seeing-eye.

The Freemasons real builders are the Cyclops or otherwise known as the Greek Titans, who built this earth and the celestial universe. Then which followed the fifth race as we all know it, up to this point.

It is said that Atlantis had four rivers, four kings that created the four elements.
The book of Genesis claims that god created male and female, and their name was Adam take Ad, the prefix, which represents that whenever a nation had 4 rivers that are in opposite directions, North, South, West, East that created the four cardinal directions of the world; as well as the symbolism of the cross; that was surrounded by a ring, which in the past was the symbol of Atlantis. The symbol of earth is its shape, and the planetary ruler is Venus. Also it looks like the ankh.

It is mentioned that the Egyptian pyramids was the tomb of Seth, whom created the pillars of the world, the North and the South Pole. Also they represent the solstices. These pillars were brought to Siriad, and the numerical scheme of the pillars, are reminiscent of the Suns orbit at its center. This explains the reasoning of the pyramid being the tomb of Seth. These pillars represent the magical or celestial tradition of the universal law. Seth is a generic name along with Set, Taht, and Hermes, that represent the Atlantean initiates which were called The Sons of The Son of The Dragon.

Mentioning the pillars, they represent the Sun, and the Moon, male, female.
When the Egyptian Pharoahs needed greater strength and vigilance, they wore the tail of the lioness, uniting the female current with the male, Sun/Moon. It is practiced modernly with the priest's long garments and the professors of old. The real meaning isn't normally recognized.

The place of Amenta is the gateway of resurrection, there are twelve gates, each representing a zodiac sign, the first gate is for the pure soul, and his hard to enter, the last is the easiest since it is the doorway to the earth of eternity. These gates or doorways, are opened by Ptah, and his builders. Amenta is said to be the meeting place of the Sun and the Moon, which in their union creates the ever coming Sun, or the new born Sun. There are ten great mysteries of Amena, celebrated on ten different nights. The connection with the ten sephiroths are seen here, and the tenth malkuth, is earth.

It is known that the Great Pyramid was a Masonic temple, its entrance to its inter-most shrine, was situated North to South, which showed its age. North represents the moon and sun represents the South. Being built near the centermost point of the world, it represents the point within the circle. Meaning Ptah the Sun for the circle, and Maya, the moon, representing the point. Also it means the earth and its manifestation. There are three chambers in the pyramid, one above the king represents the sun, the one below the king represents the Queen, or the moon, and the lower one beneath the Queen represents the heart, or earth. These are the three triadic forms of spirit.

The pyramid is called the secret house; it is called by the Egyptians, "The light." The master of the secret scroll, or secret wisdom, was in the secret chambers also bearing the name, "The light." In order to follow this light you must understand the mechanics of the lights in consort with the earth; the Sun, and Moon.

The left foot represents the destruction of the Giant Serpent which that, "hides in the dark and comes forth to war with the light."

A candidate of masonry had to endure twelve trials, known as twelve tortures, symbolic of the zodiac. In which he had to ascend a ladder, known as Jacobs ladder, up seven step, represented by the seven planets. Or known as the steps of the Pleiades. These are known as the seven steps of initiation.

It is said that when at the judgment of the soul in Amenta there are 45 assessors present at the weighing of the soul, to the eternal earth, which took place before Osiris. The three of the 45, which brings them down to the 42 assessors, are the triad of Osiris, Isis, Horus, being as follow according to the tarot, 12 zodiac cards, 7 planetary cards, 3 elemental cards, these all represent divine judgment of your spiritual karma and all that you can control therein. The rest, the earthly karma endured that you can control, is represented by assessors of the following cards: 16 court cards, 4 elemental cards, and 36 minor Arcana cards. So the lesser arcana cards represent earth. While the rest represents the gods. Now another method to look at these assessors of 42, make the back of the brain, the Moon, and the front, The Sun. Adding forty two equals six which also equals the hexagram, the symbol of Ptah, and six is similar to the six days of creation, which form a Seventh. These forty two faculties combined into one or forty three make seven.

The seventh is represented by the Sun. According to the forty three as seven, (simply add them) the seven planetary cards, come to manifest. And because of this it makes forty nine, simply multiply 7 times 7, the forty nine then equals 13, which equals 4, representing the four elements. Then the elements, or aces of the minor Arcana come to assess according to the four.

There was a battle between darkness and light, which were between Sut (Saturn) Horus (The Sun), which Shu (mars) tried to reconcile. These gods were also named the gods of the pillars in Amenta, just like Seth was. But Shu created a triad, the first one recognized. This triad became a triangle, and the meaning of this triangle is represented by Shu standing on the pyramid of seven steps with the apex of the triangle resting upon them; meaning he lifted up the earth in the form of a triangle. This was called a ladder, or the staircase of Shu.

In the ritual of the Egyptians two sets of names were given to the seven steps of the primordial powers, or planets. The first set, of Horus, the Sun, and the other represented by the Moon. It's been said when the triangle apex is downward it means darkness, or the Moon.

The god Shu created a new foundation of two more equinoxes, the East, and West. The east is represented by the Sun day, the West night and the Moon. The east also represents venus, as the Empress Major card, and the west the Wheel of Fortune, also Jupiter. Those two planets astrologically are the most benefic and lucky planets.

The serpent that has been pierced by an arrow is known as an image of union between the moon and the sun. A lamb holding a cross has the same meaning.

In druid ceremonies people were arranged in order of merit, according to the numbers three, five, seven. Already mentioned in the beginning, which these candidates were led nine times around their temple going from East to West, the sun rising, the sun at noon, and the sunset. All equaling 3 each 3 + 3 +3 = 9; nine is also the number for Yesode, the sephiroth of the Moon. Nine is also represented by the ninth mystery of Amenta, which is a number of gestation, to prepare for the final judgment of the tenth mystery of Amenta, Malkuth.